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The Atom Chip Lab
Ben-Gurion University

BEC transition Our BEC
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Ph.D. Theses

  • Matter-Wave Interferometry on an Atom Chip
    Omer Amit, 2020 (PDF).

  • Stern-Gerlach Interferometry with Ultracold Atoms
    Yair Margalit, 2017 (PDF).

  • Study of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond
    Yechezkel Schlussel, 2017 (PDF).

  • A Magic Frequency in Light-Matter Interaction of a Two-State System with Multiple Degeneracy
    Menachem Givon, 2015 (PDF).

  • Sensitive Magnetometry Based on NV Centers in Diamonds
    Amir Waxman, 2014 (PDF).

  • Coherent Splitting of Matter-Waves on an Atom Chip Using a State-Dependent Magnetic Potential
    Shimon Machluf, 2013 (PDF).

  • Bose-Einstein Condensate on the Atom Chip
    Ran Salem, 2010 (PDF).

  • Magnetic interactions of ultra-cold atoms near surfaces
    Tal David, 2009 (PDF).

M.Sc. Theses

  • 171Yb Optical Lattice Clock in BGU
    Yosef Bivas, 2021(PDF).

  • Coherence in the Stern-Gerlach Interferometer
    Or Dobkowski, 2020 (PDF).

  • Simulating atomic motion in a magneto-optical trap
    Asaf Szulc, 2016 (PDF).

  • The Physics of Nitrogen-Vacancy Color Centers in Diamonds and their Interaction with External Fields
    Yossi Rosenzweig, 2016 (PDF).

  • Transitions between atomic quantum levels in room temperature vapor
    Orr Be’er, 2016 (PDF).

  • Non-Perturbing Probing of the Clock Transition
    Omer Amit, 2015 (PDF).

  • Measuring Hyperfine Population of Hot Alkali Vapor Using a Magic Frequency
    Yair Margalit, 2014 (PDF).

  • Coherence Time of Rabi Oscillations of Cold Atoms
    Anat Daniel, 2012 (PDF).

  • Microwave Manipulation of Cold Atoms
    Ruti Agou, 2011 (PDF).

  • Optimizing Trap Release for Measuring Properties of Cold Atomic Clouds
    Ramon Szmuk, 2011 (PDF).

  • Experiments with Ultracold Atoms
    Jonathan Coslovsky, 2010 (PDF).

  • Two-Photon Coherent Manipulation of an Atomic Two-State System
    Gal Aviv, 2009 (PDF).

  • Quantum Optics of Ultracold Neutral Atoms Based on Micro-Scale Magnetic Traps (AtomChip)
    Yenon Benhaim, 2009 (PDF).

  • Building a BEC on an atom chip apparatus 
    Shimon Machluf, 2009 (PDF, M.Sc. part from a Ph.D. research proposal).

  • Imaging methods of cold atoms
    David Moravchik, 2009 (PDF).

  • Coherent manipulation of the rubidium atom ground state
    Amir Waxman, 2007 (PDF).

  • Magnetic simulations for trapping and cooling neutral atoms
    Eyal Fleminger, 2006 (PDF).

  • Guided matter-wave Sagnac interferometer
    Ofir Arzouan, 2006 (PDF).