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Welcome to the Quantum Technology website

The Atom Chip Group invests half of its work volume in promoting quantum technology, also named, the second quantum revolution. We work closely with the Israeli industry, and engineers from the industry may be frequently seen in our labs learning practical quantum technology, and how to operate the prototypes we made for them.

Here is list of projects we are working on:

· A time-keeping center for the state of Israel, which would disseminate accurate time to different institutions in Israel (as the GPS is becoming unreliable). Our Yb atomic optical-frequency clock stands at the heart of this effort, and will serve as the primary frequency standard. We are the only Israeli lab which is part of a European consortium intended to make the optical-frequency atomic clock the International standard for the second.

· Miniaturization of the Yb optical clock. We are utilizing our expertise in chip fabrication, to miniaturize to a chip-scale device the three largest packages in the Yb clock. First, the vacuum chamber that holds the atoms. Second, the frequency comb. Third, the high finesse cavity on which we lock the clock laser.

· A compact cold-atom micro-wave frequency atomic clock. A first working prototype has already been delivered to the Accubeat company, and it is now working in Jerusalem. This is the first clock of its kind in Israel. We are now developing the next generation design with even smaller dimensions and more accuracy (see also our findamental work on clocks)

· Atomic magnetometry (with vapor). We have developed for the Israeli AeroSpace Industry (IAI) a hand-size magnetometer which requires no electronics or metal parts (see below, fiber going in and fiber going out). The company is already conducting field tests with the first prototype. We are now developing the next generation of magnetometers. Some of this work gives rise to nice fundamental findings: e.g. Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 053004 (2013), Phys. Rev. A 98, 013856 (2018).

· Atomic acceleration sensors for inertial navigation systems (as the GPS is becoming unreliable) and for gravitational sensing. For example, we are developing a chip-scale loop Sagnac interferometer to sense rotation. This device will include a high-finesses matter-wave guide to compensate for the small enclosed area (see our fundamental work on interferometry).

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