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Welcome to the Atom Interferometry webpage

The Atom Chip Group does a wide variety of atom interferometry experiments, where we use the atom chip to accurate manipulate the atoms. See the numerous papers in our Papers section. (see a popular account of the atom chip in:link).

Although we investigate a wide variety of topics (e.g. see a realization of a quantum work meter in 2017), atom interferometry stands at the core of our group. For example, we were the first to show that spatial interferometry is possible as close as 5 micro-meters from a room temperature surface. This opens the road to a new field called Atomtronics, whereby arbitrary circuits for atoms will be realized on the atom chip. We were also the first to observe spatial interference fringes from a Stern-Gerlach interferometer, and the first to realize a full-loop Stern-Gerlach Interferometer.

Best Poster Award
A spatial interference pattern from a Stern-Gerlach Interferometer.

Best Poster Award
A spin-population interference pattern from a full-loop Stern-Gerlach Interferometer.

Here are some additional fundamental atom-interferometry experiments:

• We have developed clock interferometry to test the interface of quantum mechanics and general relativity (See a popular newspaper account:link,
see a popular video account: link)
• We have observed the Pancharatnam geometric phase.
• We have realized a unique T^3 scaling interferometer, confirming a prediction from 1927. This interferometer has already been heralded as a possible tool to test the quantum nature of the equivalence principle.
• Most recently, we have used atom interferometry to discover a new phenomenon related to quantum Moire patterns.

On the technological front, we are developing interferometry as acceleration and gravitational sensors. For example, A Sagnac high-finesse, and point-source interferometry as rotation sensors.

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