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Welcome to the Diamonds webpage

The Atom Chip Group has been conducting quantum optics experiments with nitrogen-vacancy (color) centers in diamonds. This interesting system may give rise to interesting fundamental findings, as well as to quantum technology applications in room temperature solid state devices.

See our papers section for links to relevant papers and our theses section for relevant theses.

Here is an example of our work:

In one of our projects, we put a thin layer of diamond onto an YBCO superconductor in order to image the vortices. This new imaging tool will hopefully help future work on high-Tc superconductivity.

The magnetic field created by the vortices, gives rise to Zeeman shift in the energy levels of the NV center in the diamond. With appropriate laser spectroscopy, we are able to sense these shifts, and hence measure the magnetic field of the vortices.

Below we show a picture taken by a CCD camera (without a scan) of the diamond layer. One may clearly see the vortices.

Here is a popular account of our collaboration on Diamonds with Dmitry Budker: link.

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