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We are always happy to welcome visitors of all ages and interests and for periods ranging from a few hours to weeks. Aside from discussing physics, visitors will enjoy joining us on the many other activities, from Tel-Aviv night life, to desert hikes, to skuba diving and flying.

One of our hikes was with Soenke Groth (atom chip fabricator), Peter Krueger (now heading the group in Nottingham) and Sebastian Hofferberth (now doing a PD in Boston). We took them to a very steep canyon in the south Judean desert. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera. Just above the waters of the deadsea, and in front of the majestic red Jordanian mountains, we made our way into the desert. It was just after the floods so many different flowers covered the cliffs. Doing only 6 horizontal kilometers, the real challenge were the vertical 1000m. The cliffs were at times virtually vertical and we were very happy to find ourselves at the end of the day sitting around a very good dinner....

Other "international excursions" included Rudi Grimm (Beer of the Tel Aviv beach), Andreas Mitterer (hike to the Ramon crator), Joerg Schmiedmayer and Peter Schmelcher (Camel rides, archaeology and Beduin lunch), Soenke Groth (desert night hike, ancient cave exploration, and dead-sea flight), and Yvan Castin, Claude Cohen Tannoudji, Carsten Henkel, Michael Romalis, Lenz Cederbaum, Dan Kleppner, Norman Ramsey, John Weiner, Holgar Muller and Tim Kovachy (just BGU). Wolf prize winners Anton Zeilinger, Alain Aspect, John Clauser, Ignacio Cirac, Peter Zoller visited BGU and also the surrounding desert.

Below are some pictures.