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The Atom Chip Lab
Ben-Gurion University

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We are always searching for excellent students and post-docs from Israel and abroad.

We are a very diverse group in terms of available projects:

· Material science and micro/nano fabrication (including photonics, nano wires, superconductors, crystalline materials, carbon nano tubes, etc.)

· Experimental physics in NV centers in Diamond, BEC on an atom chip, and atomic vapor.

· Theoretical physics in foundations of QM, single atom and BEC physics.

A student or post doc in our group is exposed to state-of-the-art analytical and numeric methods on the theoretical front as well as cutting edge experimental methods. On the theoretical front, we deal with a wide range of topics from fundamental questions of QM to simulations of complex systems. On the experimental front, half of our projects are on fundamental science such as identifying the border between the quantum and classical worlds, and half in cooperation with the industry (e.g. NATO and IAI for the development of magnetic sensors, AccuBeat for the development of atomic clocks, Israeli defense for the development of navigation systems).

As we also manufacture our own atom chips, lasers, electronics, vacuum parts, computer interfaces, and even vapor cells, a student or post-doc leaves the group with a wide variety of practical high-tech knowledge appropriate both for a career both in Academia or in Industry.

There are available funding programs for people from the US, Canada, Europe, China and India, but funding is also possible for excellent candidates from elsewhere.

Finally, we advise the reader to go over our "whats new" section to see the different honors our students received.