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The Atom Chip Lab
Ben-Gurion University

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Atom Chip Group
Ben-Gurion University
Be'er Sheva, 84105

Tel: 972(0)8 6479262 (office)
      972(0)8 6461902 (lab)
Fax: 972(0)8 6479264

Offices: Building 54, room 03
Labs: Building 95, room -101
Building 95

For a map of the campus in Hebrew and English.

The easiest way to reach the university is by train from Tel-Aviv to Be'er Sheva and to get off at Be'er Sheva North/University Station. For schedule of the train see the Israel railway site (English version).

For any needed information or for submitting application for positions, do no hesitate to contact Dr. Mark Keil or Dr. Ron Folman.