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Post-Doctoral Researchers

​​​​​Guidelines​​ fo​​r Reg​​istrati​o​​n​:
  1. Every candidate needs to find a supervisor who will be willing to accept them to a postdoc fellowship. Please check the websites of the different faculties and departments. On each department website there is a list of staff, including research area and subjects. The potential supervisors may be contacted directly.
  2. Once you find a supervisor you need to obtain a BGU internal no. and register online.
    At the end of the on-line process you will be asked to upload the following documents to the system​:
    • Copy of passport.
    • PhD diploma or official certificate that you have submitted the PhD thesis (except for BGU PhD students/ graduates)​​.
    • Scholarship award letter
  3. ​​Fill in an application form, sign the form and send it to the supervisor with a copy of your passport and PhD diploma (or official certificate that you have submitted the PhD thesis).
    Once the registration is completed by the BGU administration you will be notified.
  4. Upon arrival in BGU​​, please send to Ms. Carmit Lesly-Gropper: carmitlg@bgu.ac.il confirmation of linking your ORCID account to the university's ORCID account.

For guidelines, please click on

ORCID - Guidelines

You are strongly advised to read the following document:

Regulations for Post-Doctoral Researchers

Registration form for Post-doctoral Fellowship - for Foreign Students

Online Registration for Foreign Students Only »​

Please Notice: The date format in the Submission Date field below is: Month/Day/Year

Awards & Scholarships for research students »​​​

For further details regarding the registration process, please contact Ms. Carmit Lesly-Gropper: carmitlg@bgu.ac.il

For further details regarding Visa and Health Insurance, please contact: vhi@bgu.ac.il or check the following links: