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Arrival to Campus

How to get to BGU?

A note about arriving to Israel on Friday night or Saturday:

Due to religious observance in Israel, public transportation doesn’t run from Friday afternoon until Saturday late evening and on public holidays. Getting to Beer-Sheva from the airport will be considerably more difficult and expensive if your plane lands between noon on Friday and sunset on Saturday.

If you are staying in university housing, make sure to consider the check-in times of your accommodation by contacting the dorm counselor: osp@bgu.ac.il. You will not be able to check in to your accommodation on Saturday, meaning that you will have to book a hotel room for the night following your arrival.

Note that taxi is the only service available during Shabbat hours (approximately 400-500 NIS).

Commuting between Beer-Sheva and Sde Boker

Public transportation between Beer-Sheva and Sde Boker is available by bus. The bus will take approximately 50 minutes.

You can check the times and frequency of public buses by searching on Google or by downloading the app Moovit.

Travel to Beer-Sheva from Ben-Gurion Airport:

  • Make sure to check the train schedule (use the button below).
  • Departure is from the “Ben-Gurion Airport" station
  • Enter the train station at the ground level of the airport and purchase a ticket to Beer-Sheva for 32 NIS.
  • Board the train going to Tel Aviv and get off at the first stop at Tel Aviv HaHagana Station. you will need to cross the platform and transfer to the train to Beer-Sheva. Double-check the timetable to ensure you are boarding the right train.
  • If you are staying in one of the campus housing options or elsewhere close to campus, you should get off at the Be'er-Sheva North/University Station.
  • If you booked a hotel close to the central bus/train station, get off at the Beer-Sheva Central Station (one stop after Beer-Sheva North/University).
  • The airport car rental office is open 24/7.
  • You can do a one-day rental, driving from the airport and returning the car to Beer-Sheva.
  • The drive will take approximately 90 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • If you are driving to Sde Boker, the drive will take approximately two hours, depending on traffic.

We recommend downloading the app Gett which allows you to order a taxi in advance (including entering your destination), track the taxi, and pay via credit card.

Note that a taxi is the only option available during the Sabbath (if your flight lands Friday night-Saturday) and the cost will be approximately 400-500 NIS.