Daniel J. Lasker


Academic Advising:



1.    Avner Dinur, "Daniel Boyarin’s Feminine Judaism: Between Essentialism and Constructionism," Ben-Gurion University, 2005.



1.    Ehud Krinis, “The Idea of the Chosen People in al-Kit?ab al-Khazari and its Origins in Shi'i Ima?m Doctrine,” Ben-Gurion University, Summa cum laude (2008).

2.    Sara Offenberg, “Expressions of Meeting the Challenges of the Christian Milieu in Medieval Jewish Art and Literature,” Ben-Gurion University, Summa cum laude (2009).

3.    Martin Sessler, “The Attitude of Halakhic Decisors toward the Israeli Judicial System,” (2009).

4.    Avner Dinur, "Judaism and Universalism in the Philosophy of Hannah Arendt and Hans Jonas" (2010).

5.    Shalom Sadik, “Determinism and Trinity in the Thought of Abner of Burgos” (2011).

6.    Ilan Ben-Yakov, “Electricity and Halakha: Halakhic Responses to Electricity, 1875-1940” (2011).

7.    Asher Binyamin, “The Mitzvoth in Judah Halevi’s Thought” (in progress)

8.    Nabih Bashir, “Angels as a Theological Dilemma in the Exegesis of Rav Saadia Gaon, Yakub al-Qirqisani and Yefet ben Eli ha-Levi” (in progress).

9. Moshe Firrouz, “Studies in Judah Hadassi’s ‘Sefer Eshkol ha-Kofer’ (Book of Clusters of Henna Blossoms” (in progress).

10. Daria Vasyutinski, “Early Stages of Studies of the Firkowicz Collections of Manuscripts and the Emergence of the Russian Jewish Intelligentsia” (in progress).


1.    Mikhail Kizilov, “Rabbanite Reactions to Karaism” (2008-2010).

2. Shai Walter, “Astronomy and Rabbinic Judaism” (2011-2012)



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