Daniel J. Lasker


Courses Taught (Selection):



               Introduction to Medieval Jewish Philosophy.

               Principles of Judaism.

               Maimonidesí Introductions to the Mishnah.

               Maimonidesí Epistles.

               The Problem of Creation in Medieval Jewish Philosophy.

               Modern Medicine and the Halakhah.

               Theological Responses to the Holocaust.

               Theological Responses to the State of Israel.



                Maimonidesí Guide of the Perplexed.

               Rabbi Judah Haleviís Kuzari.

               Rabbi Joseph Alboís Book of Principles.

               Rabbanite and Karaite Kalam.

               Philosophical Aspects of the Jewish-Christian Debate.

               When will the Messiah Come and What will Happen When He Does.

               Late Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Philosophy.

               The Medieval Jewish-Christian Debate.

               What Happens After Death.


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