Daniel J. Lasker

 Articles in Non-Scientific Journals:


1.       (With Arnold A. Lasker), “Birkat Hahammah: The Blessing of the Sun,” Conservative Judaism, 34:3 (January-February, 1981): 17-28.

2.       (With Arnold A. Lasker), “The Peculiarities of the Calendar,” Jewish Spectator, 46:3 (Fall, 1981): 29-31.

3.       (With Arnold A. Lasker), “The Strange Case of December 4: A Liturgical Problem,” Conservative Judaism, 38:1 (Fall, 1985): 91-99.

4.       “Karaism and Jewish Pluralism,” Midstream, 33:10 (December, 1987): 25-27.

5.       (With Arnold A. Lasker), “Behold, A Moon is Born! How the Jewish Calendar Works,” in Conservative Judaism, 41:4 (Summer, 1989): 5-19.

6.       “Prophetical Promises of Peace and the Jewish-Christian Debate: Literal Reading or Figurative Reading?” Al Ha-Perek, 13 (July, 1997): 166-171.



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