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Reuven Segev

research interests: 

Continuum Mechanics provides the theoretical foundations for the mechanics of solids and fluids. In particular, continuum mechanic is used in stress and strength analyses of structures. My research is concerned with the geometric and analytic aspects of the fundamental notions of continuum mechanics such as fluxes, stresses and equilibrium. See the following

  • Fluxes on Manifolds – a slideshow and notes
  • Fluxes on Fractals and Whitney's Geometric Integration Theory – a slideshow
  • Stress Theory on Manifolds – a slideshow
  • Generalized Bodies and Maxwell's Stress Energy Tensor – a slideshow 
  • The Global Point of View on Stress Theorya slideshow
  • Stress Optimization and Load Capacity of Structures – a  slideshow
  • The Octopus's arm as a Continuous Robot – a preprint


department of mechanical engineering • ben-gurion university
p.o.box 653
beer-sheva beer-sheva 84105 israel
phone: 972-8-6477108 fax: 972-8-6472814