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P u b l i c a t i o n s


Thermal nonlinearity of metals

Metal nanospheres under intense continuous-wave illumination: A unique case of non-perturbative nonlinear nanophotonics

Phys. Rev. E 96: 059901, 2017.


Nonlinear plasmonics at high temperatures

Nanophotonics 6: 317-328, 2017.


Temperature- and –roughness dependent permittivity of annealed/unannealed gold films

Optics Express 24: 19254, 2016.


Nano-particle assisted microscopy

Nano-particle assisted STED nanoscopy with gold nanospheres

ACS Photonics, in early view (2017).


Plasmonic Nanoprobes for Stimulated Emission Depletion Nanoscopy

ACS Nano 10, 10454-10461, 2016.


Experimental proof of concept of nano-particle assisted STED

Nano Letters 14: 4449-4453, 2014.


For a video presentation of these results by my colleague - http://proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org/proceeding.aspx?articleid=1939388


Performance improvement in Nano-particle assisted STED nanoscopy
Applied Physics Letters 101: 021111, 2012.


Nano-particle assisted STED nanoscopy
ACS Nano 6: 5291, 2012.


See also Perspective Article at

Plasmonics meets far-field optical nanoscopy
ACS Nano 6: 4580, 2012.


Plasmonic sinks for the selective removal of long-lived states

ACS Nano 5: 9958, 2011.


Ultrashort pulses dynamics

Ns-duration transient Bragg gratings in silica fibers

Optics Letters 42: 4748, 2017.


Nonlinear wave interactions between short pulses of different spatio-temporal extents
Scientific Reports 6: 29010, 2016.


Coupled-mode theory for electromagnetic pulse propagation in dispersive media undergoing a spatiotemporal perturbation: Exact derivation, numerical validation and peculiar wave mixing
Phys. Rev. B: 93: 144303, 2016.


Femtosecond-scale modulations and switching based on periodic patterns of excited free-carriers
Optics Express 23: 16416-28, 2015.


Theory of wave-front reversal of short pulses in dynamically-tuned zero-gap periodic systems
Physical Review A 84: 033822-1-13, 2011.


Broadband time-reversal of optical pulses using a switchable photonic crystal mirror
Optics Express 19: 14502-7, 2011.


Time-reversal in dynamically-tuned zero-gap periodic systems
Physical Review Letters 106: 193909, 2011.


See also cover story at http://phys.org/news/2011-05-physicists-time-reversed-pulses.html


Metamaterial design

Reinterpreting the magnetoelectric coupling of infinite cylinders using symmetry

Physical Review B 94: 035142, 2016.

Frequency conversion in metal nanoparticles

Revisiting the boundary conditions for second-harmonic generation at metal-dielectric interfaces

Journal of the Optical Society of America B 34: 1824, 2017.

Airy beam formation

Spontaneously-formed auto-focusing caustics in a confined self-defocusing medium

Optica 2: 1053-1056 (2015).


Plasmon-resonance in metal nano-particles

Independence of plasmonic near-filed enhancement to illumination beam profile
Physical Review B 86: 155441, 2012.


Loss compensation in plasmonic nanostructures using gain media

Frequency-domain simulations of a negative-index material with embedded gain
Optics Express 17: 24060-74, 2009.


Numerical methods for wave propagation in plasmonic nanostructures with a nonlinear response

Frequency-domain modelling of TM wave propagation in optical nanostructures with a third-order nonlinear response
Optics Letters 34: 3364-6, 2009.


Robust location of optical fiber modes via the argument principle method
Computer Physics Communications 214: 105-116, 2017.


Codes are available here.


Solitons in inhomogeneous media

A quantitative approach to soliton instability
Optics Letters 36: 397-9, 2011.


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of stability and instability dynamics of positive lattice solitons
            Physical Review E 78: 046602, 2008.

Also available at the November 2008 edition of the APS virtual journal.


Drift instability and tunneling of lattice solitons
Physical Review E 77: 045601(R), 2008.


Analytic theory of narrow lattice solitons
Nonlinearity 21: 509-536, 2008.


Instability of bound states of a nonlinear Schrodinger equation with a Dirac potential
Physica D 237: 1103-1128, 2008.


Also available at the October 2006 edition of the APS virtual journal.


            Interaction-induced localization of anomalously diffracting nonlinear waves
            Physical Review Letters 97: 193901, 2006.



5th most cited paper in Physica D during the last 6 years:



Atmospheric propagation


           Control of the filamentation distance and pattern in long-range atmospheric propagation
           Optics Express 15: 2779-2784, 2007.


           Control of the collapse distance in atmospheric propagation
            Optics Express 14: 4946-4957, 2006.






G r o u p

Current members

Dr. Parry Chen

Dr. Ahmad Idilbi

Dr. Ieng-Wai Un

K. Nireekshan Reddy, PhD candidate

Marat Spector, PhD candidate

Tal Weiss, PhD candidate

Shai Rozenberg, MSc candidate


Past members

Dr. Ioseph Gurwich

Dr. Shlomo Pinhas

Yaki Ben-Yakar

Igal Balin



T e a c h i n g

Introduction to wave propagation

Introduction to nano-plasmonics and metamaterials

Advanced topics in electromagnetism