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P u b l i c a t i o n s




Non-equilibrium dynamics in metals

“Hot” electrons in metallic nanostructures – thermal vs. non-thermal effects

submitted, https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.00565 .

Numerical methods for electromagnetism

Generalized normal mode expansion of electromagnetic Green’s tensor for open systems
submitted, https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.00335 .



Robust location of optical fiber modes via the argument principle method
Computer Physics Communications 214: 105-116, 2017.


Codes are available here.


Frequency-domain modelling of TM wave propagation in optical nanostructures with a third-order nonlinear response
Optics Letters 34: 3364-6, 2009.

Ultrashort pulses dynamics

Pulse propagation in the slow and stopped light regimes

Optics Express 26: 19294, 2018.


Ns-duration transient Bragg gratings in silica fibers

Optics Letters 42: 4748, 2017.


Nonlinear wave interactions between short pulses of different spatio-temporal extents
Scientific Reports 6: 29010, 2016.


Coupled-mode theory for electromagnetic pulse propagation in dispersive media undergoing a spatiotemporal perturbation: Exact derivation, numerical validation and peculiar wave mixing
Phys. Rev. B: 93: 144303, 2016.


Femtosecond-scale modulations and switching based on periodic patterns of excited free-carriers
Optics Express 23: 16416-28, 2015.


Theory of wave-front reversal of short pulses in dynamically-tuned zero-gap periodic systems
Physical Review A 84: 033822-1-13, 2011.


Broadband time-reversal of optical pulses using a switchable photonic crystal mirror
Optics Express 19: 14502-7, 2011.


Time-reversal in dynamically-tuned zero-gap periodic systems
Physical Review Letters 106: 193909, 2011.


See also cover story at http://phys.org/news/2011-05-physicists-time-reversed-pulses.html


Thermal nonlinearity of metals

Metal nanospheres under intense continuous-wave illumination: A unique case of non-perturbative nonlinear nanophotonics

Phys. Rev. E 96: 059901, 2017.


Nonlinear plasmonics at high temperatures

Nanophotonics 6: 317-328, 2017.


Temperature- and –roughness dependent permittivity of annealed/unannealed gold films

Optics Express 24: 19254, 2016.


Nano-particle assisted microscopy

Nano-particle assisted STED nanoscopy with gold nanospheres

ACS Photonics 5, 2574-2583, 2017.


Plasmonic Nanoprobes for Stimulated Emission Depletion Nanoscopy

ACS Nano 10, 10454-10461, 2016.


Experimental proof of concept of nano-particle assisted STED

Nano Letters 14: 4449-4453, 2014.


For a video presentation of these results by my colleague - http://proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org/proceeding.aspx?articleid=1939388


Performance improvement in Nano-particle assisted STED nanoscopy
Applied Physics Letters 101: 021111, 2012.


Nano-particle assisted STED nanoscopy
ACS Nano 6: 5291, 2012.


See also Perspective Article at

Plasmonics meets far-field optical nanoscopy
ACS Nano 6: 4580, 2012.


Plasmonic sinks for the selective removal of long-lived states

ACS Nano 5: 9958, 2011.


Metamaterial design

Reinterpreting the magnetoelectric coupling of infinite cylinders using symmetry

Physical Review B 94: 035142, 2016.

Frequency conversion in metal nanoparticles

Revisiting the boundary conditions for second-harmonic generation at metal-dielectric interfaces

Journal of the Optical Society of America B 34: 1824, 2017.

Airy beam formation

Spontaneously-formed auto-focusing caustics in a confined self-defocusing medium

Optica 2: 1053-1056 (2015).


Plasmon-resonance in metal nano-particles

Independence of plasmonic near-filed enhancement to illumination beam profile
Physical Review B 86: 155441, 2012.


Loss compensation in plasmonic nanostructures using gain media

Frequency-domain simulations of a negative-index material with embedded gain
Optics Express 17: 24060-74, 2009.


Solitons in inhomogeneous media

A quantitative approach to soliton instability
Optics Letters 36: 397-9, 2011.


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of stability and instability dynamics of positive lattice solitons
            Physical Review E 78: 046602, 2008.

Also available at the November 2008 edition of the APS virtual journal.


Drift instability and tunneling of lattice solitons
Physical Review E 77: 045601(R), 2008.


Analytic theory of narrow lattice solitons
Nonlinearity 21: 509-536, 2008.


Instability of bound states of a nonlinear Schrodinger equation with a Dirac potential
Physica D 237: 1103-1128, 2008.


Also available at the October 2006 edition of the APS virtual journal.


            Interaction-induced localization of anomalously diffracting nonlinear waves
            Physical Review Letters 97: 193901, 2006.



5th most cited paper in Physica D during the last 6 years:



Atmospheric propagation


           Control of the filamentation distance and pattern in long-range atmospheric propagation
           Optics Express 15: 2779-2784, 2007.


           Control of the collapse distance in atmospheric propagation
            Optics Express 14: 4946-4957, 2006.






G r o u p

Current members

Dr. Parry Chen

Dr. Ieng Wai Un

Tamir Grossinger, PhD candidate

K. Nireekshan Reddy, PhD candidate

Marat Spector, PhD candidate

Tal Weiss, PhD candidate

Shimon Elkabetz, MSc candidate


Past members

Dr. Ioseph Gurwich

Dr. Shlomo Pinhas

Shai Rozenberg

Yaki Ben-Yakar

Igal Balin



T e a c h i n g

Introduction to wave propagation

Introduction to nano-plasmonics and metamaterials

Advanced topics in electromagnetism