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Meet the group head

BGU now article about Ron (Hebrew)

New animated movie about our work

Radio interview with Ron in a Bar

TV interview with Ron (Hebrew)

ראיון עם רון בטלויזיה

Newspaper article about Ron (Hebrew)

מאמר שכתבו על רון בעיתון

Popular talk about the 2012 Nobel prizes (Hebrew)

הרצאה פופולארית של רון על פרסי הנובל של 2012

An article about Ron's Tattoo

מאמר על המספר שיש לרון על היד

A US public radio interview about Ron's Tattoo

ראיון ברדיו האמריקאי על המספר

A Physics award received in the US

פרס שקיבל רון בארה"ב

Interview about one of the science projects

ראיון על אחד הפרויקטים המדעיים

Popular articles about Ron's work (Hebrew/English)

An interview with Ron in Chinese

Ron’s ‘Are We Alive?’ movie on YouTube

Ron’s ‘Are We Alive?’ In a longer article (Hebrew)

One clock in two places simultaneously: Ron’s  article about the group's recent work (click here for the Jerusalem Post article)

Ron’s speech (Hebrew) to students receiving excellence awards from the Rector (2015)

An article about Ron (2015, Hebrew)

Aside from the AtomChip laboratory, Ron is the founder and first director of:

The BGU nano-fabrication center

The BGU center for science and technology in quantum information

Some more details about Ron:

For more on Ron’s hobbies and personal life visit