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The Atom Chip Lab
Ben-Gurion University

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Join us for:

  • Skiing
  • Flying
  • Windsurfing
  • Hiking the desert
  • Camel safaries
  • Skuba diving in the red sea
  • Biblical archeology
  • Geology tracks, floating in the dead sea, etc.
  • Bike ride
During long hikes I always survive on nothing but Apple mush.
images/fun2.jpg Here, showing one of many springs in the Negev desert to two Youngsters.

Join us for Camel safaris...

This wonderful but tempered animal survives on nothing but eats everything...

Here are some pictures from my first camel safari at the age of 13 in the Sinai mountains.

images/fun3.jpg images/fun4.jpg
images/fun5.jpg images/fun6.jpg

Around the university, in the Negev desert, there are plenty of camels and space. In ancient times, when the Nabateans were taking perfume essences from Yemen and Arabia to Europe, crossing the Negev by camel took five days.

Some desert views...

A typical wide river which floods for several days each year....
and a typical canyon carved by those floods. Here Yifat trying to get in touch...

images/fun8.jpg images/fun7.jpg
images/fun9.jpg The desert is full of
strange people and
places e.g. This
Marsaba monestery
in the Judean desert.
images/fun10.jpg images/fun12.jpg

Another monestery, this time St. Katherin in Sinai. On the right, its famous room of monk skulls...

Come diving with us in the red sea...

Here, from left to right, Meir, Dganit, Yoav and myself getting ready to dive into the Blue Hole. The only way to get there is with a Jeep...

images/deadsea2.jpg images/deadsea1.jpg
images/deadsea4.jpg In the afternoon,
when the sun sets,
you go back to your
hut, and just listen
to the beautiful
images/deadsea3.jpg On the left, my sister Orna posing....

I go skiing, big footing, snowboarding....
Want to join?
Let me know!

Here on a ski run above Innsbruck, in an example of how I just cant leave the ski slopes alone even during summer. images/ski1.jpg

Here with bigfoots, just about to jump over the edge of the very steep slope north of Innsbruck (which can be seen in the background).
Next to me are BEC theoretician Chiara Menotti and BEC/atom chip experimentalist Joerg Schmiedmayer.

images/ski5.jpg Here, trying my luck in bare shoe skiing.

images/ski6.jpg And here, trying my luck with spins.

images/ski.jpg Flying off-pist.

Flying... If you feel like flying in a rather adventurous way...
Call me up! I fly paragluiders, ultralights, and the usual taxis...

Here, taking students for a flight between the glaciers on the Austrian-Italian border. A few minutes after this picture was taken, I suddenly shouted that there are MIG fighters behind us and started evasive maneuvers. The volume of the screaming of the guys in the back seat was off the scale....
Donatella Cassettari, now a researcher in Oxford, was seating beside me and was absolutely white, when I asked her to read out loud the landing manual about 60 seconds before touchdown....

In Israel, I love flying over ancient cities, and the beautiful landscape of the Dead See. And the Negev desert.
images/pilot.jpg Disclaimer:
This pilot is a little bit crazy
images/fly2.jpg images/fly3.jpg


Here, taking off from the tiny air strip of the Sde-Boker desert village. Beside me is Noa. images/ulight1.jpg
images/ulight2.jpg On our way into the desert canyons and over the amazing ancient cities...

For some reason, Noa couldnt stop laughing....

By the way, the Israeli desert (mostly Judean desert) served through the ages as a safe haven for many strange people. For example, the future King David, King Herod, Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Jewish zealots and Christian monks were among the political fugitives who found a haven in the remote isolation of the area. I wonder about myself whether it is by chance that I feel at home in this desert...