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The Atom Chip Lab
Ben-Gurion University

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Personal Pages

Atom chip group

Lab technicians

Electronics laboratory

  • Zina Binshtok - Electronics engineer
    email: zinab@bgu.ac.il
    phone: 972-8-6479013

Post-doctoral reaserchers



Former group members

  • Dr. Shimon Machluf - Researcher, ultra cold atoms
    Current positon: Atom-chip group in the University of Amsterdam
    email: machlufs@bgu.ac.il

  • Dr. Amir Waxman
    Current positon: Working for Accubeat (atomic clocks)
    email: amirwaxm@bgu.ac.il

  • Dr. Shuyu Zhou
    Current position: Atom chip group, Shanghai 
    email: zhou@post.bgu.ac.il

  • Dr. Ran Salem
    Current position: Researcher in the center for nuclear research
    email: salemr@bgu.ac.il

  • Dr. Julien Chabé
    Current position: University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France
    email: chabe@bgu.ac.il

  • Dr. Tal David
    Current position: Working for the technology department in the ministry of defense
    email: taldavid@bgu.ac.il

  • Dr. Plamen Petrov
    Current position: Imperial College, London, UK
    email: petrov@bgu.ac.il

  • Dr. Roberto Macaluso - Fabrication
    Current position: Researcher, University of Palermo, Italy
    email: macaluso@bgu.ac.il