Haim (Howard) Kreisel


Medieval Jewish Civilization
Jewish Thought Through the Ages
Faith and Reason in Jewish Philosophy
Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism
Introduction to Medieval Jewish Philosophy
Faith and Reason in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
The Problem of Evil in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
Medieval Jewish Approaches to Asceticism
Ethics and Law in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
Theories of the Soul in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
R. Bahya Ibn Paquda's Duties of the Heart
The Philosophy of Maimonides
Maimonidesí Philosophy of Education
The Epistles of Maimonides
Maimonidesí Introductions to his Writings
Jewish Political Philosophy: From Maimonides to Mendelssohn
The Philosophy of Gersonides
The Philosophy of R. Hasdai Crescas
Moses Mendelssohn: His Life and Thought
Introduction to Jewish Mysticism
Merkabah Mysticism
The Early Kabbalah in Provence and Spain
Medieval Hebrew Texts
Introductory Talmud
Introduction to Jewish Tradition

The Reasons for the Commandments in Jewish Thought (M.A. seminar)
Prophecy in Medieval Jewish Thought (M.A. seminar)
Human Perfection in Medieval Jewish Philosophy (M.A. seminar)
Problem of Free Will in Medieval Jewish Philosophy (M.A. seminar)
Medieval Philosophical Exegesis of the Bible (M.A. seminar)
Philosophical Hermeneutics: Levi b. Abrahamís Livyat Hen (M.A. seminar)
Philosophy and Law in Maimonidesí Book of Knowledge (M.A. seminar)
Maimonidesí Guide of the Perplexed - Part 1 (M.A. seminar)
Maimonidesí Guide of the Perplexed - Part 2 (M.A. seminar)
Maimonidesí Guide of the Perplexed - Part 3 (M.A. seminar)
Commentaries on the Guide of the Perplexed through the Ages (M.A. seminar)
Issues in Medieval Jewish Philosophy (M.A. seminar)

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