Moments in my life






Ron as a young teenager on his Diving Logbook.
Ron loved to dive along the shores of the Sinai desert.

Ron's basketball player card during the time he was a teacher in Yerucham. For more about Ron's time in Yerucham, go to and press the link for Yerucham. 

Explaining Human Rights on the streets of Tel Aviv. For quite a number of years I was working very hard as a volunteer for Amnesty International. At the end I had the honor of
becoming the chairperson of the Israeli section.

During this time our main activities were Human Rights education in Israeli schools, lobbying for Human Rights legislation in the Israeli parliament, and working hard for the release of different people around the world, where much of our attention was focused on Nobel Peace prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. We also engaged in humanitarian activities which resulted in shipments of food and clothing to Africa

Below: explaining things in an Amnesty meeting

Below: standing guard at a vigil for the release of Nobel prize winner for peace, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Receiving the rank of major in the Israeli air force. The last plane that I flew was a Phantom F-4 fighter jet after which I developed and operated unmanned airplanes. In parallel to putting much of my energy into Human Rights and the dream of a better world, I firmly believe in the concept of self defence, as long as it is
reasonable and proportionate. I consider myself to be very lucky, not to have been called to drop a bomb on someones head...
  Here, on a roots trip to the killing fields of Poland (with Orna my sister and Kris).
My father, one of the youngest survivors of the Auschwitz death camp remembers every detail, as if it was yesterday....
(see family history section, for more picts)

Here, at a “love mother earth“ camp, with Carola, a girl from Munich, working hard to get Palestinians and Israelis to talk to
each other. I wish her lots of luck.

Here, in Mallorca, with one of my favorite theoreticians, Erika Andersson.

Scoring a very rare goal at the Les-Houches summer school in the French Alps. Beside me, my partner to the goal, the Finish theoretician Paivi Torma.
Trying in vain to win a dog fight against the
skills of a much taller, much younger, physicist.

Observing the solar eclipse in Reims (France) with physicists friends.

Taking a break on a motor bike trip through Crete.

Brendy, a golden labrador, was given to me for my 13th birth day. We stayed together for 15 years.

Later on, there was Olga. She was
with me for some 13 years.

Below, 9 people in my tiny citroen visa,
rushing from Yerucham to the nearby desert water falls, to see the rare floods...

Many were the times when my car looked rediculously overloaded with people and stuff. For example when we used to go surfing.
When I worried about what we would say to a police man who would stop us, my friend Yoav had an original solution: He gave me a hand written license which says: official license for
taking 7 surfboards and 70 people to the sea on Saturday....

You will have to take my word for it, but on the right its me, on the center its Danny Glotter (currently one of the big bosses of Intel in Israel)
and on the left Meir Shashua the owner and CEO
of a thriving audio software company K.S.Waves.
We are here preparing for the forest kidnaping
of our friend Yoav as a birthday surprise.
The operation was real including handcufs, etc.
It sounds sick - I know, but he EVENTUALLY did enjoy it

Below, a more reasonable approach on another one of Yoav‘s birthdays. His parents brought him for a
picnic on the beach, and we came diving from the depth and came out of the water right in front of him
with a big happy birthday sign.

Left) Yoav following me as we get out of the water. Right) Meir on the right and Yael on the left.

One of those moments of true inner peace. I sometimes wonder what it is exactly that makes these moments so rare. Here, Irit and me.

On the right, after a first solo flight, taking my shoes off before the traditional splashing of water and oil from the friends...
For me flying was always a form of beauty and enlightment. The fact that people made war machines out of it was very strange indeed....
Nevertheless, believing in the concept of reasonable and proportional self-defence, I felt it was imperative to fly these war machines and fly them well...
I feel very lucky to have never needed to throw a bomb on someones head. In parallel to my army work, I have always worked hard to promote peace and dialogue, whether it be in far away lands through my work

for amnesty international, or whether it be in my home land between Israelis and Arabs.

On the left, Irit and myself (top right
corner) in a dinner at the house of an Arab friend – Wafiq (bottom left).


Narrowly escaping death: Here, the ruins of my A-4 plane from which I bailed out, some 3 seconds before it crashed. I bailed out below the minimal required height for safe ejection, and a little canyon allowed the parashute to open and thus saved my life. Sitting there in the desert, watching your plane burn, brings to mind many thoughts....

Below, with the flag ship of greenpeace. This is not just a touristic photo. These guys, together with my good friend Ory Zik – the head of the Israeli section (now the CEO of Quantomix), actually managed to convince me to help in hijaking a waste dumping ship in the middle of the sea. Aside from almost getting killed – it was fun.
Above, in the European centre for nuclear research in Geneva, on my way to the nearby Alps with my snowboard.
It took many years before we were forced to stop with the habit of turning the house into a giant train station. Here Yoav is on the controls...
It was then that I decided that I need my own lab...

Not easy to see, but in this giant painting made for me by some of my friends on the occasion of being released from the army, I am portrayed as superman breaking the WALL.
The WALL was of course inspired by Pink Floyd, and carries the signatures of all the friends. This superman is coming out of a can of apple sauce, as apple sauce was the stuff on which I would survive in my long desert hikes...

They also built a plaster wall through which I was supposed to jump in the party, and below is the moment of my crashing into that wall...

My bachelor studio in Tel Aviv.
Sunrise over the Mont-Blanc from my apartment window on the Jura mountain (above the Geneva valley).

Winter in Innsbruck from my apartment.
On the island of Cyprus. Trying to understand where the Turks put the fence...

At times, I definitely lose it...

Here, trying my luck as a rock singer...

On the far left Paula Banning from Amsterdam. She lived in Israel for many years with her love (and
my good friend) Yair Schahar. He was Israel‘s #1 hang glider and she became Israel‘s #1 paraglider.
He died in a competition and she returned to Amsterdam. I miss them both.
Below is a picture of Yair (the first on the right) just before getting his combat pilot wings
(after two years of airforce academy). From right to left are Yair, myself, Frank (who is somewhere in
Boston doing high-tech) and Or (who fell in love with a Brazilian girl and has been living
in Bahia ever since, designing environmental houses in the forests).

Below: Eating watermelons with colleagues on the Volga. Taken by Adriana Palffy Kyi.

Below: Ron's German ID when he was a researcher at the University of Heidelberg.

2013: Ron and his Beach Volley Ball team on the Tel-Aviv beach during Purim, which is the Israeli festival of costumes.


2013: Ron (standing back left with the white jumper) and his waves course students


2013: Ron with his daughter (amazing 15 year old Sara) on his back.


2013: Ron in a conference, after scoring a goal in a soccer match against the students

2013: Ron trying to defeat gravity - jumping barefoot off a steep sand dune

2010: Ron demonstrating alone in front of the home of the prime minister of Israel. The board says: "I am not a member of any political party and I just wanted to say that its depressing how un-intelligent our political leaders are". Ron decided to express his anger at the clumsy way with which the Israeli forces stopped a Turkish ship on its way to break the siege on Gaza. This stupidity, which eventually cost the life of several Turkish civilians, was attributed by Ron to the government and not to the army.


2013: Carmel and Katia riding their father.



2013: Ron with Katia and Sara diving in Eilat.



2013: Ron flies a small plane above the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.



2014: Ron hikes in the mountains above Lake Tahoe.



Below are two examples of a tradition that took place every time I met my young daughters at the airport. I would dress up like a tiger, or a flower or an ultra orthodox Rabi. At times the disturbance was too much and the police arrived. I was almost arrested when I dressed up as a punk girl.


Below is a picture of my amazing daughters and I in one of our tough hikes into the desert….

Finally, some nice pictures from my days as a volunteer high school teacher in Yerucham in the middle of the desert…

and some general pictures of fun and trips….

Ron leaves Heidelberg (June 2003): If you are not disturbed by nudity you may find the following cute: The members of the Heidelberg ultra cold atom group making a farewell present by writing 'RON' with their bodies.