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A tiny and hospitable town in the middle of the Negev desert. Until this very day I am excited to hear from my ‘once 16 year old‘ students there. This time I was called by Fanny...

Here is Fanny Sahar on her wedding day, with me and my parents. Fanny graduated in architecture from Pratt Inst. in New York in 2002. Her husband Miki, in the picture beside her, is a PhD student in economics in Colombia university, NYC.

Here they are when they were still 16... (the guy in the middle with hands spread & his tung out - is me)

Aside from physics, math, english and what not, we had many discussions about love, truth, peace and dreams. Many were the times when I smuggled them out of school for long hikes in the desert.

I of course could not leave Yerucham without building a physics lab for the local high-school...

The students took it upon themselves to do the floor electricity, the wall electricity, the lights, the paint, and many more tributes of love.

As a present for the new lab, my friends at the airforce sent this huge air photograph of the town.

At some point this is how I looked...

The kids protested and as part of educating them on the value of democracy, I announced a vote and the majority won – the beard came off!

And then came the farewell party...

In the beautiful caves dug by the waters of the Ein-Yorke‘am water fall, we danced the whole night...

...here, with 2 of my students

And in the morning, we all sat on the edge of the cliff of the Hatira water fall to observe the sun rise and the deer coming to drink.