Prof. Doron Sonsino

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Department of Economics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
P.O. Box 653
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel






Research Interests | General Information | Publications


Research Interests


General Information


·   Ph. D. 1995. Stanford Business School.

·   Ms. C (with excellence). Faculty of Management. Tel-Aviv University.

·   B.A. Economics and accounting. Tel-Aviv University.



Academic Appointments

·   2018. Adjunct associate professor. Economics department.

Ben-Gurion University. Head of Finance Studies, The Center for Academic Studies, Or-Yehuda, Israel. 

·   2003-2017. Faculty member. School of Business.

College of Management Academic studies.


·   1996-2003. Faculty member. Faculty of industrial engineering and management. Technion.


Scientific Publications and selected working papers

Sonsino, Doron, Lahav, Yaron, Roth, Yefim. "Reaching for returns in retail structured investment." Web Supplements. Forthcoming, Management Science. Data and codes would be provided on request.


Sonsino, Doron, Lahav Yaron, Roth, Amir. "Risk Receptiveness Statements Correlate with an Appetite for Risk in Structured Investment." Web supplements. Data and codes would be provided on request.


Sonsino Doron, Lahav Yaron, Levkowitz Amir. "The conflicting links between forecast certainty and trading propensity". Web SupplementsData. SAS codes and data files would be provided on request. Forthcoming, Journal of Behavioral Finance.


Sonsino Doron, Shifrin Max, Lahav Eyal. "Trust Is more Stable than Parallel Risk

Taking, and It Is Especially Stable for Females". Web SupplementsData. 


Magnus Jansson, Sven Hemlin, Doron Sonsino, Carl-Christian Trönnberg. "Investment beliefs and portfolio risk-taking – a comparison between industry professionals and non-professionals," in Venezia, I. (Ed.) Behavioral Finance: Novel Approach, Forthcoming 2020, World Scientific Published, London.


Sonsino Doron, Lahav Yaron, Levkowitz Amir. "Separating accuracy from forecast certainty: A modified miscalibration measure," in Venezia, I. (Ed.) Behavioral Finance: Novel Approach, Forthcoming 2020, World Scientific Published, London.

Web Supplements. Data files would be provided on request.


Lazar Maya, Levkowitz Amir, Oren Amit, Doron Sonsino. "Receptiveness to loss in structured investment: A brief Web-survey experiment". Web Supplements. Data. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 69, 2017, 92-98. 


Sonsino Doron, Rosenboim Mosi, Shavit Tal. "The valuation 'by tranche' of composite investment instruments". Web SupplementsTheory and Decision, 82, 2017, 353-393.


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