Synopsis of Research

    The research carried out in the laboratory of Dr. R. Jelinek aims at exploiting biomimetic chemistry approaches for both understanding important biological processes, as well as developing novel nanostructures. The inspiration and focus of the Jelinek laboratory has been the cellular membrane. In particular, Dr. Jelinek has introduced unique chromatic lipid/polymer molecular assemblies, including small vesicles, giant vesicles, Langmuir monolayers, and polymer-labelled cells, which both mimic cellular membranes as well as provide convenient biosensing platforms. These systems have been shown to exhibit wide-ranging scientific and biotechnological applications based upon the interconnection between the bio-mimetic surface [the lipid assembly] and the colorimetric/fluorescent reporter [the polymer domains]. Recently, The Jelinek laboratory has discovered new “soft-lithography” approaches for construction of two-dimension nanostructures, utilizing biomimetic lipid templates at the air/water interface and single-step crystallization/reduction of soluble Au complexes.