in reno, nv

Dr. Shahar Shani Kadmiel

Awarded a Ph.D. in Geological and Environmental Sciences

Main field of research: Numerical Seismology

Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
POB 653
Beer-Sheva, 84105

Currently at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

My work was done under the academic supervision of Dr. Michael Tsesarsky and Prof. Zohar Gvirtzman

I worked on

  • Compiling a regional 3-D geological model for the Dead Sea Fault Region. This model is stored in the rfile format developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and is in its early development stages.
  • Generating a detailed 3-D geological model based on a compilation of available data from seismic surveys and boreholes for the Zevulun basin in Northern Israel. This model will be used in my 3-D simulations of seismic-wave propagation for the purpose of ground motion analysis.
  • Comparing between different rupture models for physical initiation of seismic-waves in strong earthquake models.