Our lab conducts research in interdisciplinary  fields, focusing on (but certainly not limited to) NanoBioTechnology (that would mean NanoTechnology using Biological materials and building blocks, or BioTechnology at Nano scales). NanoTechnology is defined in many ways (see the “Useful Stuff” page for a couple of definitions) and BioTechnology is too… However, we do not believe in labels, but rather in what is hiding behind them:

Basically, we are interested in very small biological things and ways to use them wisely, in order to create something useful.

We are intensively using Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) in conventional ways (AFM, NSOM) and in less conventional ways (Nano-fountain Pen - NFP), both to create small structures and to characterize them. We are also intensively using optical (fluorescence) microscopy in conventional ways and less conventional ways (TIRFM). We are constantly swinging between cell biology, condensed matter physics, chemistry (organic, bio, and photo), advanced microscopy, digital signal and image processing and others.

We hope that what we are doing will find applications in biochips, bioelectronics, lab-on-a-chip, biosensors, tissue engineering, etc.

We are committed to high quality, novel, interdisciplinary, collaborative science. 

And we’re having fun too! ---


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Last updated 04-Jun-2009