Prof. Danny Cohen-Zada

Office Address:

Department of Economics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
P.O. Box 653
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel







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General Information


Employment History

o    2018 present: Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Ben-Gurion University

o    2011 - 2018: Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Ben-Gurion University

o    2005-2011: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Ben-Gurion University



  Post-Doc. 2003-2005, Ben-Gurion University, Department of Economics

  Post-Doc. 2002-2003, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

  Ph.D. in Economics. The Economics Department, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.1996- 2003

  B.A in Economics (with distinction). The Economics Department, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. 1994-1996



      • 2002 - Post Doctoral Award - Ernst Foundation
      • 1999 - Dean's Award for Academic Excellence
      • 1997 - Rector's Award for Academic Excellence


Research Interests

      • Economics of Education
      • Economics of Religion.
      • Applied microeconomics


Selected Scientific Publications

1.       I. Attar and D. Cohen-Zada, 2018, The effect of school entrance age on educational outcomes: Evidence using multiple cutoff dates and exact date of birth, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 153, 38-57. [Article]

2.       D. Cohen-Zada and T. Elder, 2018, Religious Pluralism, Religious Market Shares and the Demand for Religious Schooling, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 150, 325-349. [Article]

3.       D. Cohen-Zada, A. Krumer and O. Shaffir, 2018, Testing the Effect of Serve Order in Tennis Tiebreak, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 146 106115. [Article]

4.       D. Cohen-Zada, A.Krumer, O. Shapir and M. Rosenboim, 2017, Choking under Pressure and Gender: Evidence from professional tennis, Journal of Economic Psychology 61, 176-190. [Article]

5.       D. Cohen-Zada, A. Krumer and Shtudiner Z, 2017, Psychological Momentum and Gender". Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 135, 66-81. [Article]

6.       D. Cohen-Zada, Y. Margalit and O. Rigbi, 2016,
Does religiosity affect support for political compromise?, International Economic Review, 57, 1085-1106. [Article]

7.       D. Cohen-Zada, M. Gradstein and E. Reuven, 2013, Allocation of Students in Public Schools: Theory and New Evidence, Economics of Education Review, 34, 96-106. [Article]

8.       D.Cohen-Zada and M.Justman, 2012,
Affinity and Tension between Religious Denominations: Evidence from Private School Enrollment, Regional Science and Urban Economics,
42 (6), 950-960. [Article]

9.       W. Sander and D. Cohen-Zada, 2012, Religiosity and Parochial School Choice: Cause or effect? Education Economics, 20(5), 474-483. [Article]

10.    D. Cohen-Zada and W. Sander, 2011,
Religious Participation versus Shopping: What makes people happier, Journal of Law and Economics, 54(4), 889-906. [

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13.    D. Cohen-Zada, 2009,
An Alternative Instrument for Private School Competition, Economics of Education Review 28(1), 29-37. [

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Religion, religiosity and private school-choice: Implications for estimating the effectiveness of private schools, Journal of Urban Economics, 64(1), 85-100. [

16.    D. Cohen-Zada, 2006,
Preserving religious values through education: Economic analysis and evidence from the US, Journal of Urban Economics, 60(3), 372-398. [

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The Religious Factor in Private Education, Journal of Urban Economics, 57(3), 391-418. [

18.    D. Cohen-Zada and M. Justman, 2003,
The political economy of school choice: Linking theory and evidence, Journal of Urban Economics, 54, 277-308. [



      • Introduction to Microeconomics
      • Introduction to Macroeconomics
      • Applied Econometrics