Boaz Huss

Academic Supervision


Mr. Eliezer Baumgarten, History and Historiosophy in the Teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Elyashov (received degree 2006)

Mr. Shai Ben Tal, “Between Kabbalah and Psychology”, A Critical Survey of Four Models Linking Psychology and Kabbalah in the First Half of the 20th Century (received degree 2007)

Ms. Lilach Bar, Kabbalah and Science in "The True Knowledge and Science" by Rabbi Eliahu Mordecai Halevi Walkovsky (received degree 2009)

Mr. Uri Safrai (with Prof. Uri Ehrlich), The Daily Prayer Service according to R. Isaac Luria's Prayer Intentions ('Kavanot').


Dr. Asaf Navaro, `Tikun`: From Lurianic Kabbalah to Popular Culture (with Prof. Zeev Gries; received degree 2007)

Mr. Eliezer Baumgarten, Kabbalah in the Circle of the Vilna Gaon's Disciples (received degree 2011)

Ms. Moran Gam Ha-Cohen, Trends in Kabbalah Research in Israel, 1929–2010

Ms. Yehudit Weiss (with Prof. Yehuda Liebes), Guillaume Postel's Latin Translation and Interpretation of the Zohar

Mr. Sahi Ben Tal, "Kabbalah la`am" (Kabbalah to the people): Ideological and Ethnographic Aspects of the Bnei Baruch Group (with Dr. Jackie Feldman)

Mr. Udi Abramovitch, The Political Theology of Rabbi Zvi Tau and his circle (with Prof. Dov Schwartz)

Mr. Hagai Pelei, The Lurianic Kabbalah: Halakhic and Meta-Halakhic Aspects (with Dr. Rami Reiner)

Mr. Assaf Tamari, The Body Discourse of Lurianic Kabbalah

Mr. Yoed Kadari, The Angelology of R. Moses Cordovero (with Dr. Yuval Harari)

Ms. Lilach Bar, The Concept of Zimzum in the Kabbalah of the Early Twentieth Century.


Dr. Jonathan Garb (2002)

Dr. Shifra Asulin (2007-2008)

Dr. Yonatan Meir (2010-2011)

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