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  1. "Robocup", Thory of Concpiracy, Israel Galey Tzhahal Radio station, July 26th 2005 10:30pm. (WAV file)
  2. "Spider-Robot", Micro-Scoop, Israel Teva-Hadvarim TV channel, August 24th 2004 6:00pm. (WMV file)
  3. "Spider-Robot", Science news, The Israeli TV science channel, June 30th 2004 7:00pm. (WMV file)
  4. "Spider-Robot", Technion President's Report, June 2004.
  5. "Technion Researchers Developed Spider Robot for Motion in Tunnels Environments", HaTechnion The Technion Magazine, June 2004.
  6. "Spider-Robot", National Geographic Magazine, Hebrew edition, June 2004.
  7. "Spider-robot to the Rescue", Technion Focus, May 2004. (PDF file -the same file as bellow)
  8. "Autonomous Techno-Dance", Technion Focus, May 2004.(PDF file)
  9. "Spider-Robot", Alex Doron, Maariv newspaper. April 4th 2004. (JPG file - scanned picture - Hebrew)
  10. "Technion Researchers Develop Spider Robot", Press Release by the Technion's Spokesperson, March 14th  2004.  (PDF file)
  11. "The Spider-Robot and the Iranian Team (Robocup)"  Gal Mor, Yedioth Aharonot newspaper, April 7th 2002.
  12. "Robotic Soccer",   HaTechnion The Technion Magazine, March 2002.
  13. "The Spider-Robot",   HaTechnion The Technion Magazine, June 2002.
  14. "RoboCup", Mabat - Israel Channel 1 TV News, May 4th 2002. (WMV file)


Additional movies

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SpiderBot Movie

Snake robot climbing (MOV file)

Spider robot motion (WMV file , MPG file)

Technion's Robocup robot (WMV file)

Motion of a 3-Wheeled Semi-Passive Robot: Linear and Circular, Plough, Parallel,

                                                                       On the road1, On the Road2.



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