Dr. Shai Arogeti



 Research activities





Reasearch Students

PhD students

Sergei Basovich             Active Control of Machine Tool Vibrations.
Omer Orki             Control of Mixed Platoons Consist of Automated and Manual Vehicles.

MSc students

Daniel Jano       UAV Control with Visual Servoing.
Dana Erez       A Two Vehicle Highly Precise SLAM System.
      Co-supervised with: Dr. David. Zarrouk
Benny Kosarnovsky       Control of Tethered Drones.
Daniel Stolle       Adaptive Control of Multi-copter UAVs.
Tomer Segev       Active Roll Stability Control.
Yosi Benzino       Race car active stability and control.



2012–2017         Rami Levi,
        Control of High Speed Flexible Rotor Systems Supported by Active Magnetic Bearings.
        Co-supervised with: Prof. Reuven Segev.


2015–2017         Tal Glick,
        Research topic: Tethered Drones for Precision Agriculture”.
2014–2016         Yonathan Weiss,
        Yaw Control System for a Rear Double-Driven Electric Vehicle Using LPV Models.
2014-2016         Elad Mizrachi,
        Active Vibration Control in Internal Turning
2014-2016         Yonattan Menaker,
        Control Systems for Electromagnetic Actuators.
2013-2015         Dolev Yechezkel,
        Modeling and Control of Multi-rotor UAVs with Rotating Seesaws.
2013-2015         Elad Ayalon,
        Enhancement of Intellectual Level of Machine Tools and Robots: Stiffness–Compliance
        Modeling and Estimation.
        Co-supervised with: Prof. Vladimir Portman
2012-2014         David Vorsin,
        Design and control of a Multi-purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
2012-2014         Itai Arad,
        Development of Intelligent Transport System.
2011-2013         Sergei Basovich,
        Magnetic levitation and precise motion control.
2011-2013         Daniel Rubin,
        Yaw Control System for a Road Vehicle Using Rear Active Differential.
2010-2012         Rami Levi,
        fault diagnosis of hybrid systems.
2009-2011         Rami Ronen,
        Intelligent Transportation Systems.
2009-2011         Alon Davidi,
        UAV formation control.
        Co-supervised with: Prof. Nadav Berman

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