Research Students


Post Doctoral


1.  Gabi Pinto, Department of IE&M, 2011-presemt.




1.  Eitan Seri, Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies: "Improving the safety of the factory by creating safety atmosphere and safety culture: Building a safety model based on engineering protection equipment". April 2011. (with Yuval, F. and Tiran, J.)


2.  Yizhaq Minchuk, Department of IE&M, "Asymmetric auctions", 2009-present.


3.  Dan Yamin, Department of IE&M, "Optimizing influenza vaccination policy", 2009-present. (with Pliskin J.)


4.  Doron Shavit, Department of IE&M, 2011-present (with Zivan, R.).


5.  Sofia Amador, Department of IE&M, 2011-present (with Zivan, R.).




1. Miri Siton  - BGU School of Management: "Venture capital syndication in the foundation of start-up", August 2000. (with Menipaz, E.)


2. Arik Schreiber, BGU School of Management, "Incentive policy for quality human resource creation in the education field", March 2001. (with Mizrahi, S.)


3. Ruby Shimyee, BGU School of Management: "International reference-price", October 2004. (with Lowengart, O.)


4. Dafna Chachek, Department of IE&M, "Bug dynamics over networks in large-scale failure recovery systems", October 2005. (with Braha, D.)


5. Eran David - Department of IE&M, "A probabilistic model for maintenance of below grade culverts", April 2009. (with Shohet, I.)


6. Roey Steinhorn, Department of IE&M, "Warning design as a social dilemma", April 2009. (with Meyer, J.)


7. Dan Yamin, Department of IE&M, " Self interest versus group Interest in influenza virus vaccination policy", October 2009.


8. Yael Shani  - Department of IE&M, "A functional imaging study of decision making in games resulting in equilibrium", October 2009. (with  Aharon, I.)


9. Tatyana Andreeva, Department of IE&M,  "Development of means for cost estimating of accidents in the construction industry", November 2009. (with Shohet, I.).


10. Yizhaq Minchuk, Department of IE&M, "Asymmetric auctions", November 2009.


11. Eyal Dayan, Department of IE&M, "Optimal pricing strategies under Bertrand competition in the presence of reference-price effects", May, 2010. (with Lowengart, O.)


12. Sofia Amador,  Department of IE&M, "Lab experiments of bargaining procedures", November 2011. (with Segev, E.)


13. Eyal Solnik, Department of IE&M, "Evaluating vaccination strategies with social network simulations", submitted, August 2012.


14. Asaf Tuval, Department of IE&M, "Games between national brand and private label", 2010-present.


15. Opher Morad, Department of IE&M," Economics fighting against terror", 2011-present.


16. Mor Atlas, Department of IE&M, TBA, 2012-present.


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