Born: 1930, Latvia
Ph.D.: 1963 Kiev Inst. of Technology; Prof. 1989.

Research Interests: Thermodynamics. Measurements of thermodynamic properties. Vapor-liquid equilibrium in nonideal systems. Energy conversion and advanced cycle and system analysis of heat and power systems. Heat and mass transfer in drying processes. Formation of drops and bubbles. Flotation processes.

Research Projects: Search for alternative working fluids free of CFCs for the energy industry. Experimental measurements and evaluation of thermophysical properties in order to generate pertinent thermodynamic data relating to new working fluids for energy systems. Application of the most up-to-date theoretical and semi-theoretical relationships for data analysis. Creation of predictive capability regarding thermodynamic and transport properties of working fluids for absorption heat pumps and other energy systems. Advanced cycles analysis: development of theoretical models for calculation of performances of heat pumps with different selected working fluids. Heat and mass transfer: theoretical and experimental investigation of heat and mass transfer in drying and humidification of air flow through different solid and liquid desiccant systems. Microbubble generation.

Recent Publications

Key words: Thermodynamics, thermophysical properties, working fluids, heat and mass transfer.

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Date: 28 May 1998