Laboratory of Turbulent Multiphase Flows
Advanced Research Laboratory Building (Building No. 95)
Tel.: +972-8-6479394


Head - Professor Avi Levy

      People and Collaborators
    Oscillating Grids Turbulence Generators.
    Multi-fan Turbulence Generator.
    Experimental Set-up for Studies of Turbulent Convection.
    Turbulent Jet Facility with PIV and LIF diagnostics.
    Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) System (LaVision, Göttingen).
    Nd:YAG Laser with Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) for monitoring
    Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) spectra.
    Micro PIV System (LaVision, Göttingen).
    SizingMaster IMI - Interferometric Mie Imaging (LaVision, Göttingen).

  Research Projects
    Formation of Aerosol and Gaseous Inhomogeneities in Industrial and Athmospheric Turbulent Flows: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations
    Theoretical, Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Gas-particles Flows over Bodies.
    Formation of Large-scale Semi-organized Structures in Turbulent Convection.
    Large-scale and Small-scale Dynamics of Turbulent Mixing and Fluid Interfaces.
    Investigation of Various Mechanisms of In-cloud Scavenging of Atmospheric Aerosol and Gaseous pollutants.
  New Effects
    Turbulent Thermal Diffusion.
    Turbulent Barodiffusion.
    Small-scale Particle Clustering and Clustering Instability.
    Reduction of Turbulent Diffusion by Chemical Reactions and Phase Transitions
    Generation of Large-scale Vorticity.
  Posters and Presentations
    Adsorption of Trace Atmospheric Gases by Carbon-Based Aerosol Particles Dispersed from Industrial Sources.
    Modeling of Air Pollutants Dispersion from Industrial Sources in Environmental Impact Assessment.
    Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer during Gas Adsorption by Aerosol Particles in Air Pollution Plumes.
    Effect of Diffusional Interactions between Droplets on Absorption of Highly Soluble Gases in Sprays and Clusters.
    Sheared stably stratified turbulence and large-scale waves in a lid driven cavity.
    Scavenging of Soluble Radioactive Gases by Evaporating Rain Droplets from Inhomogeneous Atmosphere.
    Regimes of Nonisothermal Scavenging of Soluble Gaseous Pollutants by Rain in the Atmosphere with Non-Uniform Concentration and Temperature Distributions.
    Tangling Clustering Instability for Small Particles in Temperature Stratified Turbulence.
    Effect of Rain on Evolution of Vertical Distribution of Aerosols in the Atmosphere.
    Absorption of Soluble Trace Gases by Atmospheric Nanoaerosols
    Cell Model of in-Cloud Scavenging of Highly Soluble Gases.
    Effect of Rain Scavenging on Altitudinal Distribution of Soluble Gaseous Pollutants in the Atmosphere.
    Scavenging of gaseous pollutants by falling liquid droplets in inhomogeneous atmosphere with non-uniform temperature and concentration distributions.
    PIV Measurements in Oscillating Grids Turbulence.
    Experimental Observation of the Effect of Turbulent Thermal Diffusion.
    Generation of Large-scale Semi-organized Structures in Turbulent Convection.
    Production of Large-scale Vorticity in a Sheared Turbulent Flow.
    Detection of the New Phenomenon of Turbulent Thermal Diffusion of Aerosols in Laboratory Experiments.
    Turbulent Thermal Diffusion of Aerosols: Theory, Laboratory Experiments and Atmospheric Observations
    Influence of Vertical Distribution of Absorbate in a Gaseous Phase on Gas Absorption by Falling Liquid Droplet.
    Numerical Analysis of Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer During Absorption of Gaseous Pollutants by Cloud Droplets
    Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer during Evaporation/Condensation on the Surface of a Stagnant Droplet in the Presence of Inert Admixtures Containing Non-condensable Solvable Gas: Application for the In-cloud Scavenging of Gaseous Pollutants.
    Internal Gravity Waves and Turbulent Closure Model for SBL.
    Turbulence Energetics in Stably Stratified Atmospheric Flows.
    Mixing at External Boundary of Submerged Turbulent Jet.
    Tangling Clustering in Stratified Turbulent Flows.
    Effect of Rain Scavenging on Altitudinal Distribution of Soluble Gaseous Pollutants in the Atmosphere.
    Effect of mean wind on turbulent convection.
    Model of Below-Cloud Scavenging of Moderately and Highly Soluble Gaseous Pollutants by Rain in Inhomogeneous Atmosphere.
    Rain Scavenging of Moderately and Highly Soluble Gaseous Pollutants in the Atmosphere.

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