Laboratory of the Center for Magnetohydrodynamic Studies

Head - Prof. Herman Branover

Research Topics
    Main facilities
    Mercury facility for a variety of studies of flow phenomena and turbulence.
    A facility for simulating of boiling with direct contact heat exchange.
    Sodium-potassium facility for flow, heat transfer and turbulence phenomena in longitudinal magnetic fields.
    Etgar-3 facility with circulation of 10 tons of Lead-Bismuth at 170o C with steam injection.
    Ofra facility with circulation of lead and Lead-Bismuth up to 480oC.
    Research Collaboration
    CERN Laboratory of the European Community
    Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Co.
    University of California, Berkeley, College of Engineering, Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
    Institute of Physics of Latvian University
    Technical University of Petersburg
    High Temperature Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
    Institute de Mecanique, Grenoble
    Massachusetts Institute of technology
    Key Personnel
    B. Mikhailovich, Ph.D.
    A. Kapusta, Ph.D.
    A. Eidelman, Ph.D.
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