Chanita Goodblatt

Dept. of Foreign Literatures & Linguistics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


M.A.      1982 Hebrew University Department of Comparative Literature cum laude
              Advisor: Prof. Shimon Sandbank
              Title of Thesis: Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" and Abraham Shlonsky's Poems of the
              Land of Israel: A Study of Man's Relationship to Nature and the Divine

Ph.D.     1990 Hebrew University Department of English 
              Advisor: Prof. Shimon Sandbank
              Title of Thesis: The Creative Process in the Works of Walt Whitman and Dylan Thomas

Professional Activities (Selected)

2000- : Member, Executive Committee. Ben-Gurion University Forum on Medieval and Early Modern
2002-:  Member, Organizing Committee. Conference on "Internet, Intertext." Ben-Gurion University
2002-2003 Member, Organizing Committee. Conference on "Jewish-Christian Intercultural Influences in
            the 16th and 17th Centuries."
2004-2005: Organizer. Session on "Cross-Cultural Encounters in Early Modern England."
           2005 Conference of the Renaissance Society of America
2004-2005: Organizer. International Workshop on "Religious Cultures in the Sixteenth and
           Seventeenth Centuries"

Publications (Selected)

Glicksohn, Joseph and Chaita Goodblatt.  1993.  "Metaphor and Gestalt:  Interaction Theory
          Revisted."  Poetics Today  14: 83-97.
Goodblatt, Chanita.  1996.  "An Intertextual Discourse on Sin and Salvation:  John Donne's
          Sermon on Psalm 51."  Renaissance and Reformation  20: 23-40.
Goodblatt, Chanita.  2000.  "Women, Demons and the Rabbi's Son:  Narratology and 'A Story
          from Worms'."  Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Special Issue on Medieval Jewish Culture.  12: 231-53.
Goodblatt, Chanita.  2000.  "Christian Hebraists."  In Reader's Guide to Judaism. Ed. Michael
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Goodblatt, Chanita.  2001.  "Adding an Empirical Dimension to the Study of Poetic Metaphor."
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Goodblatt, Chanita.  2002.  "Evelyn Mary Spearing Simpson."  St. Hugh's College Newsletter.
Goodblatt, Chanita and Joseph Glicksohn.  2002.  "Metaphor Comprehension as Problem
          Solving:  An Online Study of the Reading Process."  Style. Special Issue on Cognitive
          Approaches to Figurative Language.  36: 428-45.
Goodblatt, Chanita.  2003.  "From 'Tav' to the Cross:  John Donne's Protestant Exegesis and
          Polemics."  In John Donne and the Protestant Reformation:  New Perspectives. Ed.
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Goodblatt, Chanita and Joseph Glicksohn.  2003.  "From Practical Criticism to the Practice of
          Literary Criticism:  Metaphor Comprehension Online."  Poetics Today 24: 207-36.                            
Goodblatt, Chanita. 2006. "'High Holy Muse': Christian Hebraism and Jewish Exegesis in the Sidneian           Psalmes." In Tradition, Heterodoxy and Religious Culture: Judaism and Christianity in the Early           Modern Period. Goldstein-Goren Library of Jewish Thought. No. 6. Ed. Chanita Goodblatt and           Howard  Kreisel. 287-310. Beer-Sheva, Israel: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Press.                 Goodblatt, Chanita. 2007. "Who Walked in the Fields?: Poetry of the Land of Israel in the 1920s" [Hebrew].            In A Moment of Birth: Studies in Hebrew and Yiddish Literatures in Honor of Dan Miron. Ed.            Hannan Hever. 630-44. Jerusalem: Bialik Institute.                                                                 Goodblatt, Chanita. 2007. "Review Essay: Rachel Feldhay Brenner. Inextricably Bonded: Israeli Arab and            Jewish Writiers Re-Visioning Culture." Cathedra 126 (December): 177-80.



Research Fellowships and Grants

1998            Office of the Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.
                    Ben-Gurion University
                    Christian Hebraism and the English Reformation
2000            Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania
                    'Hebraica Veritas': Christian Hebraists, Jews, and the Study of Judaism in
                    Early Modern Europe.
                    "John Donne and Christian Hebraism"
2002-2004   Israel Science Foundation
                    Research Project:  John Donne and Christian Hebraism
2004-2005   Israel Science Foundation International Symposium:  Religious Cultures
                    in the Early Modern Period
2005            The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University James M.
                    Osborn Fellowship in English Literature and History: "Engendering the Canon
                    of Early Modern England: Percy Simpson and Evelyn M. Simpson"


Recent Lectures

Goodblatt, Chanita.  "The Words Expressly are 'A Pound of Flesh'":  Christian Hebraism in Early Modern England 
            2004 [Hebrew] Study Day in Honor of Mayer I. Gruber. Ben-Gurion University.
            2005  Session on "Cross-Cultural Encounters in Early Modern England."  Renaissance Society of  America            Conference.  Cambridge University.
Goodblatt, Chanita.  2004.  "Rabelais and Donne: Imagined Libraries."  Conference on Book History. Ben-Gurion            University.
Goodblatt, Chanita.  2004.  "Uri Zvi Greenberg and Zionist Rhetoric of the 1920's." Association for Israel Studies.             Hebrew University.                                                                                                                                          Goodblatt, Chanita and Joseph Glicksohn. "Conversations with I.A. Richards: Connecting Cognitive Psychology and            Literary Studies.
                                                                                                                                                     2005 Seminar on Cognitive Theory & the Art. Harvard University Humanities Center                                                 2007 Department of Psychology, Clark University                                                                                Goodblatt, Chanita. 2005. "'The Dead Kicking the Heavens': Figures of the Grotesque in WWI Poetry." Synopsis 7:            Literature in Times of Turmoil. The Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics. Tel Aviv University.         Goodblatt, Chanita. 2005. "'Man-Clock': an Interactive Metaphor." Session on the Poetics of Dan Pagis. 14th World            Congress of Jewish Studies. Hebrew University.                                                                                          Goodlbatt, Chanita. 2006. "Beteween Lyric Poetry and Actual Events: Natan Alterman's Poetry in the 1930s"            (Hebrew). Twenty-first Inter-University Conference on Hebrew LIterature. Tel Aviv University.              Goodblatt, Chanita. "Engendering the Canon of Early Modern England: Percy Simpson and Evelyn M. Simpson."                2006 SHARP Conference. Koninklijke Biblotheek, The Hague and University of Leiden.                                              2007 IAUPE Conference. Lund University, Sweden.                                                                             Goodblatt, Chanita and Joseph Glicksohn. "A Case of Metaphysical Wit: An Empirical Study of Donne's Poetic                       Metaphor."                                                                                                                                                          2007 Department of English, University of Connecticut.