Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Vladimir Gontar

IEM Building 16, Room 253, Phone: (8) 647 9786,  Fax: (8) 647 2958

Office hours for students: Monday 9:00 - 11:00.

Ph.D. in Physico-Chemistry, Moscow State University, 1977.

Director of the International Group for Chaos Studies (IGCS).

Editor in Chief of the International Multi-Disciplinary Research and Review Journal Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society.

Main scientific interests:

Chaos theory,  multiagent discrete chaotic  dynamics (DCD) and its application to the  mathematical modeling of complex [1-3], living [4] and thinking systems [5]. Special numerical methods for non-linear estimation, data mining and soft computing [8]. Signals and image processing [8], mathematical physiology and psychology [7]. Artificial intelligent systems ("artificial brain”) [6] ,  neural networks and biofeedback systems.

Courses taught:

Introduction to chaos theory
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Discrete Chaotic Dynamics and Applications
Computational Methods in Artificial Intelligence


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