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Dr. Drora Kaplan, Head

The application of scientific methods to develop and manage the scarce water resources in the Negev desert begun at the Blaustein Institute for Desert Research during the mid-nineteen-seventies. Today, members of the Department of Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology combine advanced theoretical/numerical methods with laboratory testing and field experiments to study optimal exploitation of conventional and non-conventional water sources for agriculture, industry, and domestic use. They also investigate issues of water management and the use of water for specialized purposes.

Departmental research into environmental hydrology incorporates water resource management. Activities include: detecting and developing new water sources; utilizing brackish and fossil waters; the treatment, quality-control, and reuse of wastewater; the use of mathematical modeling for predicting the location and flow of groundwater and the transport of pollutants; and the optimal management of different exploitation scenarios.

Research in applied microbiology focuses on aquatic and terrestrial environments that are adversely affected by human activity. Researchers aim to restore the natural balance in these ecosystems by studying the biological processes that shape them. Bioremediation and industrial wastewater treatment technologies are being developed to overcome ecological erosion.

Scientists from Israel and abroad participate in the ongoing research projects.

  PUBLICATIONS (from 1995)


Abeliovich, Aharon (until 2000)
Adar, Eilon1
Brenner, Asher (until 2000)
Dahan, Ofer
Gitelson, Anatoly (until 1996)
Gross, Amit
Issar, Arie1( Professor Emeritus )
Kaplan, Drora
Nejidat, Ali
Oron, Gideon4
Ronen, Daniel
Ronen, Zeev
Soares, M. Ines M.
Sorek, Shaul5
Weisbrod, Noam
Yakirevich, Alex


  Borisov, Vyacheslav
  Carmi, Gennady (until 1996)
  Katz Ludmila
  Krupnik, Anatoly (until 1998)
  Kouznetsov, Mikhail
  Shandalov, Semion

1 Joint appointment with the BGU Dept. of Geological and Environmental Sciences
2 Joint appointment with the BGU Dept. of Chemical Engineering
4 Joint appointment with the BGU Dept. of Industrial Engineering & Management
5 Joint appointment with the BGU Dept. of Mechanical Engineering


Natural Water Resources
Mathematical Modeling and Studies of Water, Mineral, and Pollutant Transport
Use of Marginal Water Supplies
Biological Treatment of Wastewater
Ammonia-utilizing and Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria
Denitrification of Drinking Water
Biodiversity and Stress-Resistant Microorganisms
Climatic Studies