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Map of Water and Environmental Inter-linked Disciplines (MWEID)

 The application of scientific methods and engineering to water resources problems was initiated at Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research during the mid seventies.
 The idea was and still is to bring scientists to apply advanced theoretical methods, along with laboratories testing and field experiments for optimal water use. The development of advanced methods and models will to simulate and characterize many of the water-desert related phenomena and to expend the use of non-conventional water in arid zones. The research will yield better prediction of water availability and additional required treatment. The outcome will be more beneficial in the general area of water resources management, water use for diverse purposes, national economy and for desert environment in other arid regions of the globe. These task are fulfilled primarily by research, technical and managerial staff who focuses on water resources detection and development, water and waste water treatment, reuse and quality control, ground water and constituents motion and transport processes, through porous and fractured media.
 The Environmental Applied Microbiology is engaged in research with aquatic and terrestrial biotopes affected by anthropogenic activity in order to restore stability to these environments. Research projects include: e.g. biology of waste water oxidation ponds and waste water reservoirs, physiology biochemistry and genetics of nitrifying bacteria; microbial treatment of nitrate polluted ground water; biological treatment of industrial waste water, and biodegradation of organobromides; physiological mechanisms of microbial chlorine resistance; use of bioluminescent bacteria for water analysis and toxicity testing, genetic engineering of microbial biosensors and genotoxicity testing of environmental samples. The department provides diverse opportunities for research activities, interaction among interdisciplinary units, such as metrology, environmental studies, runoff, agriculture, microbiology, management, economy and accommodates a growing number of research programs.
 Undergraduate and graduate studies are offered and students from Israel and aboard are participating in the on-going research projects.