David Tuviyahu Archives of the Negev:
          (Aranne 4 Room 306)

The David Tuviyahu Archives of the Negev are an integral part of the Aranne Library.  They contain important documentary material about Beer Sheva and the Negev, mainly in the Twentieth Century, a special collection on the Bedouin and several personal archives. The archives are in the process of scanning their documents into the computer in .pdf format. To search their documents collection and to open digital documents, click on Tuviyahu Archives Catalogon the "Other Libraries" page of the Aleph catalog. To search the archives' book collection, use the Aranne Library Catalog. Although most of the archives' users come from the University community, the archives are open to the general public.

Opening Hours:  Sunday - Thursday  8:30-15:30.
Telephone: 08-6461425
Librarian-In-Charge: Mira Vazana


The Art Room:
              (Aranne 4 Room 303)

The Art Room houses materials on painting, sculpture, architecture, art history, etc.

Opening hours are the same as for the library itself.
Telephone: 08-6461420
E-mail: annay@exchange.bgu.ac.il
Librarian-In-Charge: Anna Yevelson


The Audio-Visual Room:
                              (Aranne 4 Room 301)

The Audio-Visual Room houses materials (mainly newspapers and journals) in microfilm and microfiche formats,
along with the accompanying readers and copiers.
"Photocopies" need to be ordered. The library's collection of videotapes is also located in this room.

Opening Hours:  Sunday and Thursday  8:30-15:30
                          Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30-18:00
Telephone:  08-6461420
E-mail: orkoly@bgu.ac.il


The Isaiah Berlin Room:
                                   (Aranne 3)

Two-hundred-fifty-five books that were given to the philosopher and historian of ideas Sir Isaiah Berlin,
with dedications written by political leaders, authors and notable individuals are housed on the Humanities floor.
Some of the books are displayed in the closed Isaiah Berlin Room; and others are on view in special display cases.

Opening hours are the same as for the library itself.
Telephone: 08-6461419
E-mail: vivim@bgu.ac.il
Librarian-In-Charge: Viviane Maman



The Rare Book Room:
                                   (Aranne 3)

The Rare Book Room houses books printed in the Sixteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. Materials from this collection may be requested from the librarians in the Humanities Reading Room.
 Instructions for the use of rare Books from the Aranne Library collection
Aranne Library Rare Book Request form


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