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The Aranne Library, the central library of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, was designed 
by architects Shulamit Nadler,Michael Nadler, Shmuel Bixon, Moshe Gil and Shimshon Amitai. 
The cornerstone was laid on February 23, 1971. The building is situated in the main square
of the campus, which is located near the northern entrance to Beer Sheva,
the capital of the Negev.
In designing the library building, the architects wanted to bring several ideas to life:
The building was planned to be washed in natural light present in abundance in the Negev - which,
diffused from the North (to eliminate the direct rays of the sun) floods the library's reading areas.
The library, as a point of convergencebetween the private and the public, is meant to serve a thousand 
readers while providing privacy to each one of them. This is accomplished by an interior design
of balconies and bays on different levels that overlook a common space, the symbol of the connection
between the different disciplines of knowledge.
The combination of concrete, dark in appearance and representing durability in desert conditions, 
and gleaming cupolas made of glass mosaic, expresses the blending of material with light.
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Selected original documents from the office of the Library Director.
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