The Aranne Library Stairwell Museum



In May 2003, the library launched an art museum in its main stairwell.  The museum's initiators were Prof. Avraham Tamir, formerly Rector of the University, and Liza Shabtay, librarian and miniaturist, whose works have long ornamented the library.   

And why in the stairwell?  The idea is to display pictures in a public place and to enable a large number of people to stop, to contemplate, to think about and to absorb art in an unintended locale. Ascending the stairwell of the library's five floors, one sees splendid pictures whose central theme is the reciprocal relationship between science and art.  The subject disciplines of each floor are reflected by the themes of its pictures.  On some floors, the displays have spilled over into the reading rooms themselves.  The stairwell is wide, well-lit, and the landscape seen through the windows blends with and adds to the atmosphere







From Liza Shabtay's creations:






From Art and Science:












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