The Negev center
for regional development

  Established in 1993 with the aim of fostering initiatives and shaping policies to encourage the development of Israelís Negev, the Negev Center for Regional Development has already had substantial impact and has become a central address for planners, politicians, businesspeople, scholars and others seeking up-to-date, professional information on the Negev. The Center, with the support of private donors and foundations, has combined action-oriented research with policy analysis and intervention projects in fields such as industrial development, regional and urban development (e.g., Metropolitan Beer Sheva, Eilat and others), environmental quality, and Bedouin education. The Negev Center has published several major volumes: Frontiers in Regional Development (gradus and Lithwick, eds., Rowman & Littlefield, 1996), The Mosaic of Israeli Geography (Gradus and Lipshitz, eds., NCRD & BGU Press, 1996), As Nomadism Ends (A. Meir, Westview Press, 1997), The Arid Frontier: Interactive Management of Environment and Development (Bruins and Lithwick, Kluwer, 1997), and Ethnic Frontiers and Peripheries: Landscapes of Development and Inequality in Israel (Yiftachel and Meir, Westview Press, 1998). In addition, the Center has published five editions of the Statistical Yearbook of the Negev, several mongraphs, a series of working papers, policy reports, and newsletters. The Center has organized two major international conferences and many local ones.

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