Compilation of References

Published by Israeli Human Geographers

Shaul Krakover and Yehuda Gradus

with the assistance of Miriam Brodt

Introduction: This project contains bibliographical references to most of the scientific works published by the Israeli community of Human Geographers since the inception of the field in 1938 and up to the year 2000. The compilation of this bibliographic volume was motivated by the growing difficulty of keeping track of the thousands of studies published by Israeli Human Geographers. As is true for most scientific fields, Human Geographers in Israel tend to publish the results of their academic efforts in many venues at home and abroad. The wide distribution of the scientific works in various journals, books, and edited volumes, makes it extremely hard to locate previous studies done in any of the sub-fields associated with Human Geography. The objective of this compendium, therefore, is to bring together references to all works published by Israeli authors in Human Geography and several related fields in order to facilitate their easy location. It is hoped that this project will help interested scholars find earlier works in the sub-field they are studying and ensure that they are indeed relating to all previously generated knowledge in the area they are researching.

Instructions for use: The compendium is divided into Publications by Keyword, and Publications by Author. You may enter these indexes by double clicking the title, and then double clicking the item of interest as displayed on the left-hand side.

Gershon Alperovitch
Rachelle Alterman
D.H.K. Amiran
Irit Amit
Jon Anson
Leviah Applebaum
Maoz Azaryahu
Rephael Bar-El
Yoram Bar-Gal
Yitzchak Benenson
Yehoshua Ben-Arieh
Yossi Ben-Artzi
Joseph Ben-David
Arieh Bitan
Moshe Brawer
Hendrik Bruins
Naomi Carmon
Arza Churchman
Elisha Efrat
Eran Feitelson
Tovi Fenster
Aliza Fleischer
Amnon Frenkel
Daniel Gat
Arnon Golan
Y. Goldreich
Amiram Gonen
Tomer Goodovitch
Yehuda Gradus
Yehuda Hayuth
Moshe Justman
Ruth Kark
Yehuda Karmon
Yossi Katz
Aharon Kellerman
Rassem Khamaisi
Baruch Kipnis
Nurit Kliot
Shaul Krakover
Gabriel Lipshitz
Yoel Mansfeld
Avinoam Meir
David Newman
Dov Nir
Chanina Porat
Boris Portnov
Juval Portugali
Eran Razin
Michael Romann
Rehav Rubin
Ilan Salomon
Dafna Schwartz
Arieh Shachar
Itzchak Schnell
Daniel Shefer
Devorah Shmueli
Arnon Soffer
Michael Sofer
Michael Sonis
Eliahu Stern
Stanley Waterman
Raanan Weitz
Elia Werczberger
Oren Yiftachel

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