Boris R. Krasnov
Ph.D. in Biology

Mailing address:
P.O.Box 194, Mizpe Ramon 80600, Israel

972-7-6588764 (work)
972-7-6588120 (home)

Last updated 27.10.1998

Personal details:
    Born 19.10.1955, Moscow, Russia

M.Sc., 1978, Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Zoology and
    Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates, Moscow, Russia.
   M.Sc.Thesis - "Social and Spatial Changes in Laboratory Populations of Common Vole
    (Microtus subarvalis)under Influence of Sterilizing Pesticide."
Ph.D. in Biology, 1986, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.
   Ph.D.Thesis - "Rodent Community Structure and Population Control".

Specialization: Zoology and Ecology.

1991- present. Research Scientist, Ramon Science Center, Jacob Blaustein Institute for
    Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Mizpe-Ramon, Israel.
1989-1990. Senior Research Scientist, Department of Tropical Science, Institute
    of Evolutionary Morphology and Ecology of Animals, Academy of Science USSR, Moscow
1980-1989. Research Scientist, Department of Rodent Control, Institute for Disinfection
    and Sterilization, Ministry of Health,Moscow (Russia).
1978-1980. Research Scientist, Department of the Problems of Evolutionary Morphology,
    Institute for Evolutionary Morphology and Ecology of Animals, Academy of Science USSR,
    Moscow (Russia).

Visiting Fellowship:
1989. Department of Ecology, Joint Soviet-Vietnam Research Center, Academy of Science
    USSR and Committee of Science and Engineering of Socialist Republic of Vietnam,
    Kho-Shi-Min, Vietnam.
1988. Institute of Ecology, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland.

Research profile:

Community and population ecology of mammals.
Community ecology of ground-dwelling arthropods.
Behavioral ecology of small mammals.
Conservation ecology.
Host-parasite relationships.

Other professional activities:

Coordinator of the ecological researches in tropical rain forests, Joint
        Russian-Vietnam Project - 1989-1990.
Member of Committee of House Mouse of Russian Academy of Science - 1987-1990.
Member of Organizing Committee of National Conference on House Mouse, Moscow - 1988.
Member of Organizing Committee of the 7th National Conference on Rodents, Nalchik - 1988.

Professional memberships:

Zoological Society of Israel 1992-
Animal Behavior Society 1995-
Russian Theriological Society 1980-
Moscow Society of Naturalists 1978-1990.
Russian Disinfectionist Society 1980-1989.

Teaching experience:

1997- Mammal ecology, taxonomy and evolution. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
1987-1989. Modern theories of evolution. Moscow Technical College.
1980-1988. Taxonomy and ecology of small mammals. Moscow Institute of Epidemiology and

Recent Publications:

23. Krasnov B., Hastriter M., Medvedev S., Shenbrot G.,Khokhlova I. & Vatschenok V. 1999.
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22. Shenbrot G., Krasnov B. & Rogovin K. "Spatial ecology of desert rodent
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19. Krasnov B., Shenbrot G., Khokhlova I., Medvedev S. & Vatschenok V. 1998.
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        gerbil species of the Nedev desert. Journal of Medical Entomology 35: 303-313.
18. Shenbrot G. & Krasnov, B. 1998. Habitat selection along an environmental
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       Evolutionary Ecology. [in press].
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11. Shenbrot G. & Krasnov, B. 1996. Patterns of animal distribution along the rainfall
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