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Purim, March 2015 at the Lab


Present PhD Students

Ms. Gal Dahan: (Oct 13 - )
Simulating the mechanical response of the human humerus - MSF funded project.

Mr. Yekutiel Katz: (Oct 13 - )
The mechanical response of femurs fixed by metallic inserts.

Mr. Yaron Shapira : (July 15 - )
3D Singularities.

Mr. Avichai Uzan : (Sept 15 - )
The passive and active mechanical responses of arteries.

Present MSc Students

Ms. Sigal David : (Oct 14- )  (Co-Supervised by Kobi Bortman)
Failure laws of pultrusion composites - MAFAT funded project.

Mr. Ofry Yoseph : (Sep 14- ) (Co-Supervised by prof. Gidi Sahar - Soroka Medical Center)
On the passive and active constitutive laws of arteries - GIF funded project.

Mr. Snir Lugasi: (Oct 14- ) (Co-Supervised by Kobi Bortman)
Mechanical properties of pultrusion composites - MAFAT funded project.

Mr. Itay Yacobi : (Aug 15- )
A Java based p-FE code.


PhD. Alumni

Mrs. Netta Omer : (PhD conferred Dec 07) - At present head of the dept. of mechanical engineering at Afeka College of Engineering.
Edge Singularities in Elasiticy in 3-D Domains.


Mr. Nir Trabelsi: (PhD conferred March 12) - At present a senior lecturer at Sami Shamun College of Engineering.
The Mechanical Response of Proximal Femurs: Finite Element Analyses Validated by Experimental Observations.


Mr. Elad Priel: (PhD conferred April 12) - At present at Rotem Industries and also a faculty member at Sami Shamun College of Engineering.
Investigating Passive and Active Responses of Artery Walls by p-Finite Element Methods.


Mrs. Brigit Mittelman (Ben-Ami) (PhD entitled Oct 15) - At present at Kamag .
On 3-D Singularities and Their Connection to Failure Initiation.


Mr. Samuel Shanon (PhD entitled Jan 16)
Singular Solutions of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems Along Curved Edges in 3-D Domains. 


With Elad and Nir at their PhD graduation ceremony, Jun, 13, 2012.

MSc Alumni

Mr. Nir Rotem : (MSc conferred June 02) Continued to El-Op Comp.
Towards Numerical Simulation of HIP Processes, densification of powder material, using HKS/Abaqus - Funded project.

Mr. Ofer Adan : (MSc conferred April 02) - Continued to Applied Materials Comp. (Co-supervision with Dr. Schneck - Material Eng Dept.)
Thermo-Elastic Failure Investigation of Electronic Components, using Stress Check - Funded project.

Ms. Netta Omer : (MSc conferred Oct 03) Continued to a PhD degree.
Edge Flux Intensity Functions in 3-D Domains.

Mr. Meidad Korengold : (MSc conferred Jan 04) Continued to NRCN
Large Plastic Deformations of Metals, using ABAQUS - Funded project.

Ms. Elena Urman: (MSc conferred July 04) Continued to PhD in Appl. Math. (Co-supervision with Prof. Yakhot)

Numerical simulation of engineering problems with singular points.


Mrs. Michal Peleg-Lubovsky : (MSc conferred May 05) - Continued to Teva Industries.
On constitutive laws for the carotid artery - Funded project.


Mr. Royi Fedida : (MSc conferred Feb 06) - Continued to Refael Industries.
Finite element analysis of a healthy and fractured femora bone Funded project.


Mr. Elad Priel: (MSc conferred Aug 07) Continued to a PhD degree.
Mechanical failure criteria for brittle elastic materials containing V-notches under mixed mode loading Funded project.


Ms. Shani Weissberg (MSc conferred Oct 10) Continued to Systematics LTD.
Finite element analysis for a plastic process with large strains.


Ms. Brigit Ben-Ami (MSc conferred Oct 10) Continued to a PhD degree.
Failure initiation in 3-D elastic brittle structures - Funded project.


Mr. David Tal (MSc conferred Apr 11) Studies towards PhD at Columbia, USA.
Yield laws for the human femur - Funded project.


Mr. Alon Katz (MSc conferred Aug 11) Moved to the USA works at a bio-mechanic company.

The mechanical response of femurs fixed by metallic devices.


Mrs. Romina Plitman Mayo: (MSc conferred Aug 13) Studies towards PhD at Cambridge, England.
Predicting the mechanical response of human femurs with metastatic tumors using patient-specific p-FEMs - Funded project.

Mr. Natan Levin: (MSc conferred June 15) In the IDF.
On hole-bone failure laws for human femurs.

Mr. Itay Manor: (MSc conferred June 15) At Rafael.

Experiments to determine the mechanical properties of arteries - GIF funded project.

Mr. Yosi Levi: (MSc to be conferred June 16)
Development of a Java p-FE code for the analysis of bones and arteries.

Ilan and

 Meidad - May 2001 
Ilan Gilad and Meidad Korengold 2000 Elad, Moti (sitting), Ilan, Nir and Zohar, Sep 2008

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