Renewable energy [brief description]

  • Concentrated electrolytes, ionic liquids, and energy storage
  • Nano-scale morphology and electro-kinetics in soft media
  • Photo-electro-chemistry


Pattern forming systems and applications to biology [brief description]

  • Spatially localized states: auditory system and excitability in general
  • Reaction-diffusion media with conservation: molecular motors and actin waves
  • Bifircation theory in spatially extended systems


Recent publications:

Electrochemically induced phase separation and in situ formation of mesoporous structures in ionic liquid mixtures,
Science Advances 4, eaau9663 (2018)

Two site H2O2 photo-oxidation on haematite photoanodes,
Nature Communications 9, 4060 (2018)

Molding the asymmetry of localized frequency-locking waves by a generalized forcing: Implications to the inner ear,
Physical Review E 98, 020202(R) (2018)

Broad audience reading:

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Wave motion on cellular membranes that could have implications for cancer detection and treatment
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A promising yet challenging material for alternative energy applications
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Advances in Pattern Formation:
New Questions Motivated by Applications

Feb. 18-21, 2019, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,
Sede Boqer Campus, Israel

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