Research Topics

The main research topics studied at present are:


        Exhaled breath, urine and faces analysis are carried out using two commercial electronic noses and gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) to identify biomarkers. These studies are used to investigate the possibility for early detection of various cancers and to monitor medication efficiency in mental illnesses.


        Another topic is the study of micron size particles adhesion to various solid surfaces. In this research we employ atomic force microscopy to measure the adhesion forces.



        A third research topic is related to the study of therapeutic characterization of plant extracts. We study at present extract obtained from the Leafless Ephedra plant. The extracts are used in the synthesis Green Gold nano-particles (GNPs) by the anti-oxidants in the extract. Human Lymphoma cells are exposed to extracts as well to extracts with GNPs to examine their influence on the vitality of the cells.


        In addition to the experimental studies we also develop theoretical modeling of various systems. These include the development of classification models using mainly machine learning and deep neural networks that are employed in the analysis of experimental data.



        We are also involved in large scale simulations of molecular systems using reactive molecular dynamics supported by electronic structure calculations for molecular characterization using density functional theory, DFT.