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Research projects:

Current projects:

  • Development of an Intelligent Low Resolution NMR Technologies for Prediction of Large-Scale Quantitative and Qualitative Oilseeds Biodiesel Industry Potential.

  • Development of Large Scale LR-NMR Screening Technology of Intact Castor Seeds and Optimization of Castor Biodiesel Production.

  • Chemo-optic system for optimization of olive harvesting time.

  • Selection of the Best Pomegranate Clones for the Negev Desert.

  • Evaluation of production potential of Biodiesel from olive mill wastes and municipal waste sludge.

  • Isolation, characterization and anticancer activity of steroidal saponins from Balanites aegyptiaca Del.

  • Sequence of Physicochemical & Membrane Treatment of Olive Oil Mill Waste Water (OMW).

  • Evaluation of the biodiesel potentiality of non-edible crops grown in desert and/or marginal lands.

  • Recently completed projects:

  • Characterization of Vitellaria paradoxa population across Africa by oil types.

  • Development of a non destructive and long lasting in vivo system for foliar nutrients.

  • Characterization of the desert date (Balanites aegyptiaca) saponins and their bioactivities:
    Antifungal activities
    Larvicidal activites
  • Metabolite profiling of saponins in Balanites aegyptiaca plant tissues using LC (RI)-ESI/MS and MALDI-TOF/MS.

  • Pomegranate oil quality analysis with emphasis on triacylglycerol fingerprinting.
  • Selection of olive cultivars for Negev desert.

  • Vegetative, reproductive and oil quality analysis of olive under different level of salinity under Negev condition.

  • Evaluation of the B. aegyptiaca for the potentiality of as low cost biodiesel feedstock.

  • Develop of an efficient low cost industrial biodiesel production process for B. aegyptiaca.

  • Microscopic Study of Saponin Vesicles for Biomolecule Delivery System.

  • Novel cationic vesicle platform derived from vernonia oil for efficient delivery of DNA through plant cuticle membranes.

  • Description of the Projects

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    Department of Biotechnology Engineering