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Present Position:

Professor, Physics Department, Ben Gurion University.


Physics Department, Ben Gurion University,P.O.Box 653, Beer Sheva 84105, ISRAEL.

Phone : 972-8-6461174

Fax : 972-8-6472903

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Ph.D. Weizmann Inst. 1958 .

Research Interests:

Nonlinear Dynamics
Computational Physics
Recent Publications:

Purifying Noisy Signals,
J. of Time Series Analysis, 13, 267-280 (1992), with A. Rabinovitch.
Analysis of noisy signals
Physica D 4, 284 (1992), with A. Rabinovich.
Calculating Fractal Dimension,
Int.J.of Mod. Phys. E 3, 267-277 (1992), with S. Goshen.
Intermittency and Phase Locking of the Bonhoeffer van der Pol Model,
J. Theor. Biol. 160, 179-184 (1993) , with S. Yasin, M. Friedman, S. Goshen, A. Rabinovitch.
Forced Bonhoeffer van der Pol oscillator in its excited mode,
Phys. Rev. E 50,1572-1578 (1994), with A. Rabinovitch and M. Friedman.
Resonance effects in the Bonhoeffer van der Pol System.
Chaos Solitons and Fractals 7,1713-1719 (1996). with A. Rabinovitch, M. Friedman and S. Goshen.
Cosmic Lacunarity.
Chaos 7 ,82 (1997), with A.Provenzale and E.A. Spiegel.
Density Singularities and Cosmic Structures,
MNRAS 291 , 585-592 (1997), with G. Murante, A. Provenzale and E.A. Spiegel.
Scaling Regimes in the Distribution of Galaxies.
Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sc. 867 258-267 (1998), with G. Murante, A. Provenzale and E. A. Spiegel.
Transport in Two-Dimensional Scattering Stochastic Media: Simulations and Models.
Phys. Rev. E 61 6183-6189 (2000), with O. Haran and D. Shvarts.
A box-counting red herring.
Phys.Lett. A 269 ,303 (2000). With J.van Hardenberg and A. Provenzale.
Relativistic corrections to fractal analyses of the galaxy distribution.
Astronomy and Astrophysics 367, 449 (2001). with Marie-Noelle Celerier.
Luminosity Effects in Projected Fractals.
Bull. Astron. Soc. India 30, 461-471 (2002). With E.A. Spiegel.
The use of luminosity effects to calculate scaling regimes in the galaxy distribution.
Astronomy and Astrophysics 397 401 (2003).

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