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Research Interests

The research carried out in the Jelinek laboratory has two main themes. One goal focuses on exploiting biomimetic chemistry approaches for understanding membrane processes and development of biosensing and diagnostic applications. Specifically, we are using unique chromatic molecular assemblies, comprising lipids and polydiacetylene (PDA), for colorimetric/fluorescent analysis of biological processes. Such systems, including small vesicles, giant vesicles, Langmuir monolayers, and polymer-labelled cells, both mimic cellular membranes as well as provide convenient platforms for generation of optical signals. Another promising research direction has been the development of new bottom-up approaches for construction of metal nanostructured films, which can form transparent conductive electrodes (TCEs). These systems include metal films constructed within surfactant templates self-assembled at the air/water interface, and thin nanostructured metal coatings formed spontaneously upon incubation of metal complexes with solid substrates. These schemes have significant potential as alternative technologies for coatings, metal film nanolithography, and substitutes for indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes.

Biomimetic chromatic membranes

Nanolithography at the air/water interface