Working memory updating

The role of the basal ganglia in task switching

Dr. Alex Gotler

Unintentional task control

Dr. Eynat Yehene

Dr. Yoav Kessler

Dr. Orit Rubin

Task mixing cost, behavioral and neural mechanisms.

Dr. Roy Luria

Control of multi-step tasks


Past and present ph.d. students


Online emotion regulation

Dr. Gal Sheppes

Working memory and the prepared reflex

Dr. Oshrit Cohen-Kdoshay

Executive functions and self control lab

Ami Braverman, Ph.D. student



Task decision

Dr. Hadas Er-El

Mindless rule finding as mental set

Ofer Rahamim, Ph.D. student


Context-dependent schema activation in personality pathology

Nitzan Shahar, Ph.D. student


Training of executive functions


Anat Karmon, Ph.D. student


A signal-detection approach to emotion regulation

Aya Doron, Ph.D. student


Cognitive reappraisal as task switching

Dr. Dana Tzur-Bitan


Depression-anxiety comorbidity: A time-series approach



Mati Harlev, Ph.D. student


Emotional complexity

Jonathan Greenberg, Ph.D. Student



The influence of long term experience in Vipassana meditation

Maayan Katzir, Ph.D. student


Anticipated emotions and executive functions