Michael Mond


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ben-Gurion University





Phone: +972-8-6477098     (office)

          +972-52-6839392 (mobile)

Fax:    +972-8-6472813

Email:  mond@bgu.ac.il


Research Interests


        Magneto fluid dynamics - fusion theory

        Magneto fluid dynamics - astrophysical applications

        Plasma Physics capillary discharges, laser ablation

        Fluid dynamics geophysical applications, ferrofluid dynamics, transition to turbulence


Recent Works


  The Hall instability of thin weakly ionized stratified Keplerian  disks,   Ap. J. 665(2), 1371, 2007.

  The Hall instability of weakly ionized, radially stratified, rotating disks, Ap. J. 662(2), 1226, 2007.

  Ultrasound attenuation in ferrofluids, PRL, 101(7), 074505,2008.

Drag reduction in hurricane conditions, Submitted to PRL.

  Central schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws 1: Theory, Accepted to SIAM-SISC.

  Central schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws 2: Applications, Accepted to SIAM-SISC.

  Angular momentum transport in astrophysical disks, Ap. J. Lett. 672, L127,2008.

  The Tayler instability and the Hall effect in protoneutron stars, Accepted to Astonr. Not.

  Current driven instabilities in weakly ionized disks, Accepted to Astonr. Not.

  Winds over the ocean Accepted to Phys. Fluids.

  Z-pinch machines Accepted to J. Plasma Phys.

  MRI in thin disks Accepted to MNRAS

  Hall-MHD Equilibrium of Keplerian disks Accepted to MNRAS

  Plasma dynamics in hollow cathodes Plasma Sources Sci. Technol.

  Thermomagnetic instabilities in hot discs Accepted to MNRAS

  Hydrodynamical algebraic growth in thin Keplerian disks Accepted to MNRAS

  Algebraic growth and spectral instabilities in magnetized thin Keplerian disks Accepted to MNRAS

  generation of intermediately-long sea waves by weakly sheared winds Accepted to Phy. Fluids


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